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Sports: reconstruction aid: District Government Cologne loses responsibilities

What is this "housing shield" proposed by Anne Hidalgo?

 What is this © Chesnot / Contributor via Getty Images What is this "Housing Shield" What does Anne Hidalgo propose? Anne Hidalgo unveiled this Thursday the main lines of his program. The socialist candidate in the presidential election wants that no Frenchman spends more than one third of his income to stay, thanks to the establishment of a "housing shield". We know a little more about the project of Anne Hidalgo.

The district government Cologne is now responsible for processing the applications for reconstruction aid after the devastating flood of July for none of the municipalities in Euskirchen.

So sah es in Bad Münstereifel einen Monat nach der verheerenden Flut aus © DPA So it saw in Bad Münstereifel one month after the devastating flood of

according to the Euskirchen Landtagsman Klaus Voussem (CDU), the responsibilities of the district governments are redistributed. While a spokesman of the Municipal Ministry evaluated the process as a "unprecedented solidarity action" of the other four district governments, which support Cologne with staff, Voussem speaks that "Cologne was probably overwhelmed with the task". From Düsseldorf was to be heard that the Municipal Ministry has even tested sanctions against the Cologne government Protector Gisela Walsken (SPD).

DEG wins 234. Rheinische derby and aggravated Cologne crisis

 DEG wins 234. Rheinische derby and aggravated Cologne crisis The Düsseldorf EC has celebrated the second victory in the German Hockey League (DEL) in the third Rhenish derby of the season. © Provided by DEG wins 234. Rheinische Derby and aggravated Cologne Crisis The Düsseldorf EC has celebrated the second victory in the German Hockey League (DEL) in the third Rhenish derby of the season and tightened the crisis of Cologne Haie.

Walsken had granted in the intranet at the turn of the year, they were only at the beginning of the editing. The new colleagues should only be incorporated.

A measure of the load balancing

A spokesman for the district government Cologne contradicted the impression on Friday, Cologne was deprived of processing the requests for the Euskirchen district. It is much more about a measure for load balancing. For which municipalities Cologne is still responsible, he did not know.

According to Voussem, the district government Düsseldorf has taken over the municipalities Nettersheim and Hellenthal, for Euskirchen, the regional council of Münster is responsible.

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lateral thinker to guest - viewers criticize RTL for "star TV"

 lateral thinker to guest - viewers criticize RTL for Cologne. On Sunday evening, RTL sent a special edition of "Stern TV" for the first time. In the network spectators annoyed their mission. Especially that a representative of the "lateral thinking" movement was invited, caused incomprehension. Now the transmitter reacts. © Oliver Berg The RTL broadcasting center in Cologne.

problems, there is apparently also in the payment of the funds. Municipal Minister Ina Scharrenbach (CDU) assured on January 12, in the future, the first tranche of 40 percent of the subsidy will also be transferred with each grant notice.

family should obtain three offers of craftsmen

The approval decision of the 20th of January, the family R. out of Bünd held in his hands this week, but looks different. It states that the payout "usually takes about one month after delivery of this decision".

with detection of detection, the couple responded to the incidental provisions in which it is called upon to obtain three binding offers before a procurement to craftsmen "; As far as this is not possible to document this. Methods and results are to be documented. "It was hard enough to find craftsmen at all. "How should we come to three deals?"

Application forms partly completely overhauled

that this passage has long been overtakened since 30th September and has nothing to look for on the decision, family R. could only recognize in the guideline.

The Euskirchener Landrat Markus Ramers is angered about such mistakes of the district government. "In a videoconference with the district government, I have used a contact person in each decision to be called a contact person." Only in this way could any questions about the decision could be clarified directly. The district government has assured that "future contact persons will be included."

In Greece, the snow makes the ground sliding for the government .
© Vassilis TriandaFllou in Athens, on January 25th. Behind the beautiful images of an acropolis napped with a white coat, the important snowfall that took place in Greece Monday never end up provoking chaos. Tuesday and Wednesday were declared days unemployed in the country, with all private and public services being suspended with the exception of those indispensable. And a controversy swell on government responsibilities in the management of these 72 hours.

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