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Sports: Gil Ofarim: That's why RTL stops despite charges to him

Couple trying to move to Toronto warn of elaborate online rental scam in red-hot market

  Couple trying to move to Toronto warn of elaborate online rental scam in red-hot market An Oakville, Ont., couple want to warn other prospective renters about an elaborate rental scam they say is preying on those trying to find a quasi-affordable apartment in Toronto’s red-hot housing market.But the Oakville, Ont., couple quickly learned that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is — and they narrowly avoided losing $4,400 in first and last months' rent to an alleged scammer.

though a procedure for false suspendation and slander is running, RTL would like to stick to the musician - at least for the time being.

Gil Ofarim © Provided by Gil Ofarim

Although a procedure is running against him for incorrect suspicion and slander, RTL would like to stick to the musician - at least for the time being.

In October last year, Gil Ofarim had accused a receptionist of the Leipzig "Westin" hotel, to have insulted him anti-Semitic. Half a year after allegations, the prosecutor has not only set the preliminary investigation against a hotel employee, but also charged to Ofarim himself. She accuses him slander and false suspicion. RTL nevertheless holds the singer - at least for the time being: "Up to a conviction for Gil Ofarim is the presumption of innocence. Therefore, the 39-year-old part of 'the Passion' ", it says in an explanation of the transmitter .

Gil Ofarim: Accused because of "wrong suspicion"

 Gil Ofarim: Accused because of Gil Ofarim pointed anti-Semitism allegations against a hotel employee in Leipzig. Now the musician itself was charged. The details. © imago / pop-eye gil ofarim It was on the fourth October of last year when Gil Ofarim shared a story on Instagram, which would draw wide circles. In it he told that a hotel owner of the "Westin" hotel chain in Leipzig had asked him to take off his DavidStern chain.

Ofarim Part of a Biblical History

In the music live event, the sufferer is presented by Christ. Gil Ofarim should be seen as one of Jesus' disciples. The Messiah itself is embodied by the former "DSDS" winner Alexander Klaws ; Thomas Gottschalk leads as a narrator by the biblical narrative modernized by "RTL".

Everything probably a great lies in

Ofarim had claimed that the check-in in the Westin hotel had been refused because he carried a chain with the David star around his neck. Witness statements and camera pictures, however, quickly drew another picture of the situation: the police could not find a witness, according to the prosecutor, who perceived an anti-Semitic insult on the evening. Instead, the musician has felt disadvantaged according to other customers, which were operated faster. That's why he would have threatened with a video that would then "go viral". By means of the images of the surveillance cameras, investigators now assume that OFARIM did not support the said chain visible.

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