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Sports: Russia threatens to continue Wikipedia for disinformation

NATO allies agree to send more resources to Ukraine, will not enforce no-fly zone

  NATO allies agree to send more resources to Ukraine, will not enforce no-fly zone NATO allies are standing pat on sending troops into Ukraine, despite multiple requests from its president for increased military support against an invading Russian army. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated previous statements following the NATO summit on Thursday that the organization is not interested in sending troops into Ukraine to fight Russia. Read more: How the war in Ukraine stands a month after Russia’s invasion — and what may be next He said that they will continue to provide support through weapons, funding and intelligence, but are stopping short of peacekeeping.

in Russia , journalists risk fifteen years in prison for the publication of Fake News . The use of the word "war" is prohibited to evoke the situation in Ukraine. Access to Facebook and Twitter has been blocked. The instrument of all this censorship? It's Roskomnadzor , the Federal Communications Supervision Service, Information Technology and Mass Media. He was again attacked on Tuesday, April 5th at one of his main targets: Wikipedia , or the most supplied and the most used encyclopedias in the world.

Roskomnadzor asked to withdraw what would be "socially meaningful and unreliable" about the war in Ukraine . The threat associated with this injunction is $ 50,000 (about 45,000 euros) fine. Ars Technica is therefore back on the policy of combating misinformation in the Russian manner.

The West Block – Episode 22, Season 11

  The West Block – Episode 22, Season 11 Watch the full episode of The West Block with host Eric Sorensen – March 27, 2022.Episode 22, Season 11

"We will not go back to intimidation and censorship efforts," had already warned the platform in a statement dating from 3 March, after Russia has threatened to block Russian wikipedia . The country now ensures that the encyclopedia would publish "only articles with an anti-industrial interpretation of events".

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Russian and North Korean media signed an agreement against misinformation The Bouthary massacre reinforces the urgency of censorship

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come from The city of Bantcha , north of kyiv, from the departure of the Russian troops. Evidence of war crimes , like massacres of civilians and rapes, have been discovered and relayed by the media from around the world. According to the Russian government, mostly held responsible for the facts, it would be a staging on the part of Ukraine. Since these events, more than ever, the war of images is a priority for Putin and the Russian government has every interest in continuing its efforts in the control of information.

Canadian intelligence agency calls out false Russian claim Ukraine is harvesting organs

  Canadian intelligence agency calls out false Russian claim Ukraine is harvesting organs Russia has been spreading false claims that Ukraine has been harvesting the organs of fallen soldiers and children, according to a rare warning from Canada's foreign signals intelligence agency. On Friday, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) tweeted some observations gleaned from its intelligence of what it calls Russian-backed disinformation campaigns. The agency said there's been a co-ordinated effort by Russia to create and spread false claims that Ukraine was harvesting organs of fallen soldiers, women and children, and using mobile cremators to dispose of the evidence.

Other target of Roskomnadzor: YouTube, which would have "become the key platform of the information war against Russia". The latter closed several channels open by

Russia Today or by state media, channels whose Russian government claims the reopening. On Wikipedia as elsewhere, contributors nevertheless continue to fight censorship.

"People Still Need Reliable Information On Local History Topics That I'm Working On. Feels A bit like a Musician on Titanic." -A Russian Electrician & Wikipedia Volunteer, One of Many Continuing to Share Knowledge Despite The Risks. Read Their Stories ⬇️ - Wikipedia (@wikipedia)

March 10, 2022 last month, Belarus (one of the nearest allies of Russia in invasion) a

stopped one of the most prolific publishers of Wikipedia in Russian language. He had made more than 200,000 contributions in almost ten years and was involved in debates on the articles concerning Ukraine.

Elon Musk wants Twitter to be ‘the platform for free speech.’ What about misinformation? .
Falsehoods are 70 per cent more likely to be retweeted on Twitter than facts, according to a 2018 study. Elon Musk, however, want to increase free speech on the platform. Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter so he can unleash its full potential as an arena for free speech, he says -- but depending on how he approaches that, researchers warn he could create an environment where misinformation thrives.

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