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Sports: David Schumacher About DTM entry: "Not enough sponsors found"

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Die Kosten im Nachwuchssport wurden zu hoch für Ralf und David Schumacher © The cost of young sports were too high for Ralf and David Schumacher

The DTM is in the season 2022 for an attraction richer: David Schumacher, son of the six-fitting Formula 1 race winner Ralf Schumacher, this year engages in the steering wheel of a Mercedes-AMG GT3. that the German Youngster and his father have decided to step out of Formula 3 in the GT3 racing car, has a serious background.

"That was the step now, because we have not found enough sponsors for Formula 2, but also got a good offer with Mercedes and HTP-Winward. That's why we have now gone the step towards DTM," The 20-year-old, who gets it in the team with Champion Maximilian Götz and Lucas Auer too.

WRC legend Loeb to make DTM debut with Red Bull-backed AF Corse

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David Schumacher © David Schumacher

It is a vicious circle, for the Schumacher is only the most recent example. Motorsport has creepingly adopted from the mainstream in recent years, accordingly the search for potent sponsors is getting heavier. Added to this is the fast-faster cost spiral in the junior formulas.

This increases the motorsport more and more to the playground for billionaires and their sons and daughters. Without a manufacturer in the back there are hardly any chances on a big racing career. Ralf Schumacher therefore waves opposite the 'Süddeutsche Zeitung' : "The way into Formula 1 is simply no longer affordable."

Ralf Schumacher talks about horrendous sum

"We had two, three small supporters, but so far I have paid everything in principle I paid everything. And now nothing was found, the formula 2 is not strong enough as a format. I had hoped yet More interest in David. It would certainly work well in synergy with Mick. "

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Father Ralf, who has crashed many millions in his career in Formula 1 itself, speaks openly in an 'Sky' -Doku over the horrendous sums, which now need to be applied to a successful career in the junior area.

"One spends about ten years in Kartsport, on average with 150,000 / 200,000 euros [per year; Note d. Red.], Then I am at two million," says Schumacher. "Then the formula 4 comes, that's two years again. If I run the formula 4 correctly, then I am around 450,000 euros per season. Then we are already at 2.9 million."

David Schumacher not the only victim

Only then follows the step into the formula 3 and the formula 2, where significantly larger sums have to be spent. Schumacher expects just over two million for a season in the highest junior climate. For this, the former Grand Prix winner and son David had hoped for the support of fixed sponsors. Vain.

similar to David Schumacher also happened to the other German hopes, Lirim Zendeli and David Beckmann. Both, after all, made it to Formula 2, but in 2022, a further year in this series was financially no longer stopped.

So David Schumacher is now trying to grasp in GT3 racing. In the GTC race, he pilots 2022 a Mercedes-AMG GT3 for Space-Drive-Racing, and in the DTM he goes to the start this season for the WinWard Mercedes team. The latter is a constellation from which both sides can benefit: the DTM is pleased about a famous name, and Schumacher can prove against proven GT3 experts.

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