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Sports: Vacation in Magdeburg: Bill and Tom Kaulitz am Jersleber See of mosquitoes and reptiles surrounding

The way to success is paved with failures ... These stars were rejected before they recently got up

 The way to success is paved with failures ... These stars were rejected before they recently got up Tom Kaulitz (32) in his Spotify Podcast with Brother Bill (32) "Kaulitz Hills - Mustard from Hollywood "that he is on a health cure. Among other things, this should serve to treat its sleep problems and cluster headache . Now he seems to have ended the special recreation program - because he is currently with his wife Heidi Heidi Klum (49) in the chic "Faena Hotel" in Miami, as he further reveals.

Magdeburg - Celebrities also need vacation. In the case of the Tokyo Hotel twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both 32), it can also be a journey to the old home.

Bill (32, l.) und Tom Kaulitz (32) machten in den vergangenen Tagen Urlaub am Jersleber See, nördlich von Magdeburg. © provided by TAG24 Bill (32, left) and Tom Kaulitz (32) have been on vacation on Lake Jersleber in the past few days, north of Magdeburg.

north of Magdeburg is the Jersleber See. This also seems to be very popular with the twins. There they have made vacation in the past few days in order to be able to switch off the whole stress and hype of their turbulent career.

The current episode of your podcast "Kaulitz Hills - mustard from Hollywood" recorded it directly on the lake. As you can listen to, they have been there as children.

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Tom remembers the earlier days and raves about his "favorite-cheeburger", which he always ate there: "There is red cabbage on the bread. And there was a horny sauce on it."

But the mood of the two doesn't stay relaxed for long. "What is very blatant, at Jersleber See here, are the mosquitoes," says Bill.

The small bloodsuckers are probably targeting both of them. At Tom the whole foot was stabbed and Bill caught it on the sole of the foot.

search in Saxony-Anhalt near Tom and Heidi?

not only the many insects leave you an impression. Bill and Tom discovered a iguana on the lake. "He made a giant heap. Almost like a man of people," said Tom. Bill also ran into a turtle.

The Jersleber See is at least a paradise according to Bill, as he says himself. Maybe also for his twin brother Tom. This had already looked for a house. It remains to be seen whether this is true or was rather fun with wink.

is certain: For the Kaulitz twins, it doesn't always have to be expensive and exquisite. Magdeburg can also convince.

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