Sports: "real partnership": the new quest for the United States in Africa

By embracing Donald Trump, LIV Golf is branding itself as the MAGA Tour | Opinion

  By embracing Donald Trump, LIV Golf is branding itself as the MAGA Tour | Opinion After three events, LIV Golf players cannot possibly deny that their tour is being used to feed Donald Trump’s ego and his political ambitions. When the conversation was just about Saudi Arabia, it was easier to bury the hard truths about where the money comes from under an avalanche of whataboutisms and difficult-to-understand words like sportswashing. But for an American audience, the overwhelming Trump factor makes it much clearer what LIV is all about: For those who attend it, for those who play it, for those who want it to crush the PGA, there isn’t a single entity in all of sports as expressly political as LIV.

  « Véritable partenariat » : la nouvelle quête des États-Unis en Afrique © Andrew Harnik / Pool / AFP

"C e that we are looking for above all, it is a real partnership between the United States and Africa . We do not want an unbalanced or transactional relationship, "said Antony Blinken, the American secretary of state, during a press briefing with his South African counterpart Naledi Pandor. "The United States will not dictate the choices of Africa and no one else should do so," he said a little later, in a speech at the University of Pretoria. “The right to make these choices belongs to Africans alone. "And to continue:" Too often, the African nations have been treated as instruments of progress of other nations rather than as the authors of their own progress. At the same time, Washington unveiled an orientation document announcing an all -round overhaul of its policy in sub -Saharan Africa, where the Americans intend to counter the Russian and Chinese presence and develop, in particular, non -military approaches against terrorism.

Tiny African kingdom has skiing as Europe sweats summer heat

  Tiny African kingdom has skiing as Europe sweats summer heat BUTHA-BUTHE, Lesotho (AP) — While millions across Europe sweat through a summer of record-breaking heat, they're skiing in Africa. Don't worry. This isn't another sign of climate change but rather the fascinating anomaly of Lesotho, a tiny mountain kingdom completely surrounded by South Africa. Lesotho has an obscure geographical claim to fame: It's the only country on Earth where every inch of its territory sits more than 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) above sea level. That gives Lesotho snow in the southern hemiphere's winters. And while cold winters aren't rare in southern Africa, snow is and ski resorts are even rarer.

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pose the framework of a clear strategy towards Africa

This new strategy, which recognizes the increasing demographic importance of Africa, its weight at The UN, as is its immense natural resources and opportunities, comes at a time when the accent put by the United States on the military fight against extremist groups in Africa is criticized for its ineffectiveness. "The poor governance, exclusion and corruption inherent in weak democracies make them more vulnerable to extremist movements, as well as to foreign interference," said Blinken. "This includes (the company) Wagner supported by the Kremlin, which exploits instability to plunder resources and commits abuse with impunity," he added. His visit to Pretoria, the first stage of an African tour which must lead him in the coming days in Kinshasa and Kigali, aims to try to bring the South African diplomacy of the Western camp closer and to thwart Russian influence on the continent, have advanced several experts. She narrowly follows the tour in Africa at the end of July of her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

Ten years after the massacre of Marikana, justice nowhere

 Ten years after the massacre of Marikana, justice nowhere © Guillem Sartorio Nolufefe Noki, sister of Mgcineni "Mambush", killed during the massacre of Marikana on August 16, 2012, photographed in the family home of MQAnduli (Africa of the Africa of South) on May 17, 2022 , his brother, who hoped for a better salary, was shot dead by police in Marikana, in the worst massacre in South Africa since the end of apartheid: ten years later, Nolufefe Noki is still waiting explinations.

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"Africa, not an international competition field"

but, on Monday, the secretary of state, bilingual English-French, swore that his country did not consider the region as the "last playground in a competition between great powers ". "It is fundamentally not as we see things," he insisted. Our commitment to a strengthened partnership with Africa does not consist in trying to surpass anyone.

The attention of the United States for Africa has often been relegated to the background and the US government says it wants to change dynamics. “Today is not the culmination of our partnership, but it is the beginning of a new chapter. The president (Joe) Biden is impatient to welcome the president (South African Cyril) Ramaphosa in Washington next month, "upstream of an American-African summit scheduled for December 13 in Washington.

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Rising South African Streamer Showmax Talks Co-Production And “‘Black Panther’ Effect” As Firm Reveals First Trailer For African Fantasy Drama ‘Blood Psalms’

  Rising South African Streamer Showmax Talks Co-Production And “‘Black Panther’ Effect” As Firm Reveals First Trailer For African Fantasy Drama ‘Blood Psalms’ EXCLUSIVE: Showmax content chief Yolisa Phahle has revealed how co-producing with international partners has helped the South Africa-based streamer compete with fierce SVoD competition, as a first trailer for its epic fantasy drama Blood Psalms is today unveiled. You can watch it here below. Blood Psalms, from creators Layla Swart and Jahmil X.T. Qubeka from Yellowbone Entertainment, is a big budget co-production with France’s Canal+ — the latest in several collaborations between the companies — and is billed as Showmax’s “biggest and most ambitious series, completely unlike any other African series you’ve ever seen” by Nomsa Philiso, Executive Head of Prog

The United States must integrate the desire for neutrality of Africans

South Africa has adopted, since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine In February, a neutral position and refused to join Western calls to condemn Moscow. His Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Pandor, has regretted the speeches of "condescendant intimidation" of several countries, in particular, in particular, with regard to South Africa, thanking Washington for having given him thanks to this your. On Ukraine, she added: "We are dismayed by war", not a single South African supports it. But she mentioned the current tensions in Gaza to say: "We should be just as concerned about what happens to the people of Palestine as by what happens to the people of Ukraine.

Mr. Blinken has also once again regretted the recent Chinese withdrawal of crucial, crucial climate dialogues, in a context of tensions around Taiwan, a "deeply unhappy" decision and which "punishes the whole world", a- he underlined during the press point. Already on Saturday, in Manila, he had denounced the "total disproportion" of the Chinese reaction.

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Proteas’ high-octane bowling bursts England’s high-voltage bubble .
England captured the imagination of Test cricket with its aggressive brand of Bazball in the last three months. But after four highly-publicized victories, Bazball wilted under South Africa’s fiery pace attack. Bazball is a word coined after coach Brendon McCullum’s nickname who during his career with New Zealand thrilled fans with his verve with the willow. After taking the coaching reins of England, McCullum got his captain Ben Stokes and the rest of the squad to embrace his philosophy of attacking play in the usually staid five-day game that has been on life support for the last few years.

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