Sports: Schalke fans Faustfand in a difficult mission

Herbert Grönemeyer: "Mensch Live" comes to the large canvas

 Herbert Grönemeyer: with "human" Herbert Grönemeyer achieved one of the most successful albums in German music history. On the subsequent "The best from yesterday to human" tour, the singer also achieved a fabulous live comeback in 2003. The concert recording “Mensch Live” from the arena on Schalke, which was created at the time, can now also be seen in the cinema on August 31, 2022. The recordings were […] © provided by Herbert Grönemeyer at his appearance “Auf Schalke” 2003 with “Mensch” Herb

The FC Schalke 04 is also emotionally back in the Bundesliga. The day after the collective primary cry after the happy 2: 2 (1-0) in added time against Borussia Mönchengladbach, sports director Peter Knäbel was still a pleasure.

Die Schalker Fans stehen als Einheit hinter ihrer Mannschaft. © Bernd Thissen/dpa The Schalke fans stand as a unit behind their team.

«That was a victory of the fans. That was a victory of the stadium, the location, "cheers Knäbel at the TV station BILD and added:" It already feels like a win. "

had impressively unloaded the whole force after Marius Bülter's transformed marketer, according to video evidence, which the arena can spark on Schalke like few other stages. Even Gladbach's coach Daniel Farke impressed this. "Then of course the whole temple cooks here," said Farke. «That was the best proof of why Schalke belongs to the Bundesliga. Which force, what an atmosphere is possible here is exceptional. »

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Schalke is together as a unit

that the supporters who were again euphoric after the climb had brought their team to the point against playfully superior Gladbachers in the first home game. "You are already important with us," said Knäbel. Before the game, coach Frank Kramer had referred to the importance of the appendix for the difficult undertaking.

Since Saturday evening at the latest, it has been clear that Schalke is again together as a unit. This had already been shown before the equalization. "The fan's reaction after the deficit was great," said Knäbel, who had also experienced other times around the relegation in spring 2021. At the end of a catastrophic and chaotic relegation season, Coronabed, largely without fans in the stadium, an estrangement had been observed that even overturned anger and violence. Some players fled from Gelsenkirchen after there were disturbing hunting scenes after the sealed descent.

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Schalke supporters were aggressively ran behind the players after the team's return after the decisive 0-1 defeat in Bielefeld in April 2021. 16 months later, they are closed again behind their team and are to become a fist pan in the fight against the descent. It has to be shown whether that is enough.

already in the unfortunate 1: 3 on the first match day at 1. FC Köln, the district club had reached its limits with its passion. "With all the joy over the point: it is just one point," Knäbel said. "We saw how much we have to invest to be able to keep up in this league."

In addition, Schalke does not get an existing problem under control: the lack of backing in the goal for years. The otherwise confidently holding Hertha edition Alexander Schwolow now failed again after the start in Cologne 2-1 by Marcus Thuram (78th). "Of course it doesn't look happy," said sports director Rouven Schröder. "But we are 100 percent convinced of Alex."

is something else happening on the transfer market?

, especially for Schröder, is still waiting for a lot of work. The transfer window is still open until September 1st and the sports director has already announced: "A lot will happen." It is questionable whether this is good from a sporting point of view. Knäbel clearly said that for cost reasons, players still had to be submitted. "It will be shown whether we get something."

In addition to the unadorned large earner Amine Harit, current regular players could also go. Among other things, central defender Malick Thiaw is considered a seller. The squad, which was not exceeded anyway, would not be better.

Schalke runs a lot, but too much afterwards .
mileage, fitness and possession of the ball at FC Schalke 04 have so far been in no good relationship. The team leaves after more relaxation, but she would also have to keep the ball in their ranks for longer phases. © IMAGO/Christian Schroedter ran largely in the first season games: The players from Schalke 04.

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