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State visit: "Wonderful Treigen German-Israeli exchange"

 State visit: After a conversation, Israel's Prime Minister Jair Lapid and Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasize the great friendship of her countries. It is about the Holocaust commemoration, a military partnership and the energy crisis. © Christian Spicker/Imago Handbeat: Olaf Scholz (right) meets the Prime Minister of Israel, Jair Lapid. "Wonderful Reigen German-Israeli exchange" "nice that you are guests today, dear Jair, Israel is in good hands with you." Olaf Scholz is buddy towards the Israeli Prime Minist

as a replacement for the lack of energy deliveries from Russia, Germany receives liquefied gas (LNG) from the United Arab Emirates. During the visit of Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the golf state of the Essen energy group RWE concluded a contract for a first delivery of 137,000 cubic meters LNG on Sunday. It is said to be the first delivery to arrive at the new LNG terminal in Brunsbüttel near Hamburg in December 2022. According to RWE, a memorandum was signed for several years from 2023.

Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz (l.) und der Emir von Katar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. © dpa Chancellor Olaf Scholz (left) and the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al Thani.

for comparison: Before the war of aggression on Ukraine alone, on February 1, according to the operator, gas with an energy quantity of around 1.76 billion kilowatt hours through the north stream pipeline 1. By ship from the United Arab Emirates corresponds to about 0.95 billion kilowatt hours.

War in Ukraine: Moscow replies with "massive strikes" and Scholz's arms deliveries deemed too slow

 War in Ukraine: Moscow replies with "20 minutes" takes stock of you every night on the advance of the conflict in Ukraine © V. Madiyevskyi/Ukrinform/Sipa A building destroyed by a Russian missile strike in Kharkiv in northeast of Ukraine. Recap ' - "20 Minutes" takes stock for you every night on the progress of the conflict in Ukraine Do you missed the latest events on tensions in Ukraine ? Do not panic, 20 minutes takes stock for you every night, at 7:30 p.m.

Olaf Scholz does not want to make the same mistakes again

Scholz announced during the visit to continue working with the Emirates in the energy sector. The SPD politician in Abu Dhabi said that they have already brought "a whole series" of diesel and liquid gas projects with the golf state. With the energy supply, you have to rely on as many providers as possible. The dependence on a supplier "will certainly not happen to us again," emphasized Scholz. According to the ADNOC Emiratic State Group,

should also deliver up to 250,000 tons of diesel fuel to Germany every month from 2023. The agreement was concluded with the Lower Saxony energy company Hoyer.

The Emiratic State Agency Wam announced that Emiratic President Mohammed Bin Sajid and Scholz had "cooperation, dialogue and priority of diplomatic solutions" called the key in dealing with "different problems and crises".

World Cup 2022. Olaf Scholz notes "progress" on the question of human rights in Qatar

 World Cup 2022. Olaf Scholz notes © Photo: Qatar News Agency / AFP The German Chancellor noted "progress" about human rights in Qatar, in The approach of the 2022 World Cup. this Sunday, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz estimated that "progress has been made" on the issue of human rights in Qatar, where the 2022 World Cup will be held (November 20 - December 18). traveling to Doha this Sunday, Olaf Scholz estimated that the question of human rights in Qatar was " in progress ".

until the Russian attack war against Ukraine, Germany still moved into 55 percent of its natural gas from Russia. In the meantime, the deliveries from there have been largely stopped and the German gas suppliers are looking for new sources of supply. The United Arab Emirates have the seventh largest natural gas deposits worldwide. A contract for the delivery of liquefied gas (LNG) was signed to Germany during the visit to the Chancellor.

large amounts of natural gas off the coast of Abu Dhabis discovered

of the Emiratic State Group Adnoc, based in the capital Abu Dhabi, after its foundation in 1971, a subsidiary became a pioneer in LNG production on the Persian Golf. In February, Adnoc announced the discovery of significant amounts of natural gas in offshore fields off the coast Abu Dhabis for the first time.

The profits from oil and gas exports continue to make up the majority in the state budget for the Emirates. According to the US energy authority, the country keeps the seventh largest proven natural gas deposit in the world with around six trillion cubic meters. In 2008 the country became a net gas importer at home because of the increasing demand. So far, the liquefied gas exports have mainly been to Asia.

beyond questions of energy supply in Germany, the German software company SAP signed a declaration of intent with the government of Abu Dhabi for closer cooperation in the course of the Scholz trip. According to the SAP, it is about an industrial strategy for transformation of the Economy Abu Dhabis. Among other things, sustainable growth is to be promoted, the ecosystem for local dealers is strengthened and the transition to a circular economy is to be promoted. The Emirate Abu Dhabi is the largest of the country's seven emirates.

On Sunday, Scholz was supposed to travel to Qatar even further. According to Russia and Iran, the rich Emirate has the third largest gas reserves worldwide and is the leading exporter of liquefied gas (LNG). However, no contracts were expected in Qatar. (dpa)

Orban describes the conversation with Scholz as "fertile" .
The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban described his conversation with Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin as "fruitful". «I am pleased to be able to tell you that he (Scholz) is still alive. I also, »he said after the meeting in the Chancellery, that according to him, two hours took. Both sides could be satisfied with the meeting. All difficult topics were addressed. However, Orban did not give details.

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