Sports: World Cup 2022. Olaf Scholz notes "progress" on the question of human rights in Qatar

State visit: "Wonderful Treigen German-Israeli exchange"

 State visit: After a conversation, Israel's Prime Minister Jair Lapid and Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasize the great friendship of her countries. It is about the Holocaust commemoration, a military partnership and the energy crisis. © Christian Spicker/Imago Handbeat: Olaf Scholz (right) meets the Prime Minister of Israel, Jair Lapid. "Wonderful Reigen German-Israeli exchange" "nice that you are guests today, dear Jair, Israel is in good hands with you." Olaf Scholz is buddy towards the Israeli Prime Minist

Le chancelier allemand a noté des « progrès » au sujet des droits humains au Qatar, à l’approche de la Coupe du monde 2022. © Photo: Qatar News Agency / AFP The German Chancellor noted "progress" about human rights in Qatar, in The approach of the 2022 World Cup.

this Sunday, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz estimated that "progress has been made" on the issue of human rights in Qatar, where the 2022 World Cup will be held (November 20 - December 18).

traveling to Doha this Sunday, Olaf Scholz estimated that the question of human rights in Qatar was " in progress ". The German Chancellor did not say on his presence at the 2022 World Cup.

" We note that progress has been made on questions debated for a long time, for example the condition of the workers, even if it is is still far from corresponding to our ideas, "said Scholz in front of journalists in Doha, after a tour in Gulf countries.

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The authorities of the small state of the Gulf are regularly criticized by NGOs for their treatment of migrant workers, especially in building, safety and domestic work, as well as LGBT +people.

German players denounce the "human rights" in Qatar

of the accusations rejected by the authorities who ensure having reformed the Labor Code and by the Qataris organizers of the World Cup who ensure that LGBT + people will be welcomed without discrimination, despite the laws Criminalizing sexual relations between people of the same sex in the country.

" The question of which will go, will be settled in due time, but it is certain that (Berlin will send) someone " at the World Cup which begins on November 20, added Scholz.

The German players had posed last year before a qualifying match against Iceland with t-shirts bearing the letters forming the words "human rights" and groups of German supporters also criticized Qatar. The German Football Federation, it rejects any call to boycott.

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Germany, which has already won four World Cups, will meet Spain, Japan and Costa Rica in the group stages.

rings for relief between the federal and state governments should still take weeks. .
The struggle between the federal and state governments for the distribution of the costs for further billion dollar aid measures in the energy price crisis should take several weeks. At a top meeting on Tuesday evening in the Berlin Federal Chancellery, there were no final decisions, rather further consultations appeared until November. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) classified the talks as "constructive", while Prime Minister of the Union criticized the results as disappointing.

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