Sports: Training. Four questions about the profession of real estate agent

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La profession d’agent immobilier peut s’exercer en tant que salarié ou indépendant. Photo d’illustration. © Ouest-France The profession of real estate agent can be exercised as an employee or independent. Illustration photo.

Trade where relational is important, with sometimes offbeat schedules, the profession of real estate agent aims to make a link between buyers and sellers, or landlords and tenants. It is exercised with a compulsory professional card, as an employee or independent. The agencies recruit.

Manager of transactions, The real estate agent brings a seller and a buyer or a lessor closer and his tenant. The

is regulated and, to exercise, it is necessary to hold a professional card issued by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

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1. What training to follow?

The formation most often takes the form of two to three years of post-bac

studies. The lessons are most often done in high school, in IUT, sometimes at university or in certain specialized schools.

It takes two years to obtain the BTS Real Estate Professions. Various legal, administrative, commercial, financial, accounting, tax skills are taught. This course, proposed by more than two hundred establishments in France, is accessible with a general baccalaureate, STMG, or a baccalaureate for the management of organizations and their activities or even trades of commerce and sales.

The BTS can be supplemented by a pro real estate business license, management and administration of goods (provided for example in Saint-Brieuc, Bruz, Brest or Vannes), management and development of real estate assets or even transaction and marketing of Real estate (notably in Saint-Brieuc and Bruz). The License Pro Legal Activities: Crafts of real estate is also well indicated.

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Another possible route directly after the bac, the legal career goal, proposed, in the West, at the IUT of Saint-Malo.

Some specialized schools deliver diplomas or certificates in the field. For example, the IPAC Bachelor Factory, in Angers, which offers the Bachelor Immobilier, or the Higher School of Real Estate Professions, in Nantes, which provides the Bachelor Real Estate Bachelor.

Studies are free in public high school, cost € 300 to € 1,300 per year in private high school, € 170 for pro goal and license, are paid in apprenticeship. Schooling runs between 6,000 and € 8,500 per year in specialized schools.

2. What is the job market?

The profession of real estate agent can be exercised as an employee or independent. A recent survey of FNAIM members, the National Real estate Federation, reveals that 60 % of its members recruit, but struggle to hire for lack of candidates.

Note also that the branch has 80,000 commercial agents. An ancient status but which has "exploded in recent years", according to the federation.

3. What are the net salaries?

A employee real estate agent can start in the minimum wage but touch during his career up to € 2,700 net monthly. He also receives fees calculated on the sale price of goods.

4. What are the qualities required?

First you need a good relationship , be curious, pleasant, attentive and fine negotiator. A good adaptability, a certain responsiveness and a strong resistance to stress are also required. Finally, it takes availability, a real estate agent works regularly in the evening and Saturday.

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