Sports: DRC: The customary chiefs are chatting to find a way out of the crisis in the Mai-Ndombe

To combat medical deserts, the government extends one -year studies of general medicine

 To combat medical deserts, the government extends one -year studies of general medicine © Pascal Bastien Strasbourg, May 15, 2022. New civilian hospital in Strasbourg (NHC). Head of daycare, created on May 6, is open on evenings, weekends and holidays. In the hope of unclogging emergencies, located right next to it, but also SOS doctors. It was a promise of presidential campaign of candidate Macron.

Le lac Mai-Ndombe en RDC (image d'illustration). © Wikiméia/J. Claeys Boùaert Le Lac Mai-ndombe in the DRC (Illustration Image).

The meeting of customary chiefs on violence in the Mai Ndombe continues in the form of internal consultation within the communities. The customary chiefs will still find themselves between them on a date to be appropriate to pool the selected proposals which will be submitted to the authorities of the country.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda Muzembe

presents to this meeting, Princess Germaine Mamanga from the province of Kwilu says she does not understand the reason for these violence which surge on the Grand Bandundu. “There are politicians who are in these files. We cultivate the fields, oil is the diamond, it is in the basements, not yet exploited so far. The princess also evokes "mercenaries, rebels, infiltrates" found in Kamu.

Commando Erignac: No parole for Alessandri, "indignation" of elected Corsicans

 Commando Erignac: No parole for Alessandri, © Benoit Peyrucq Pierre Alessandri at the court in Paris, May 26, 2011 the rejection Thursday by the justice of a new request for development of Pain of Pierre Alessandri, sentenced to life for the assassination of the prefect Erignac, aroused the "indignation" of the elected Corsicans who call on the government to "recreate the conditions" of "mutual confidence".

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The former Prime Minister Adolphe Muzito proposes that each community is attributed to the property of the lands inherited from their ancestors . This would be necessary to revisit the land law.

“It will delete the conflict. First of all because we will regulate the management of the ancestral land alongside the land, the public domain, the State and the private domain too. But that will allow each community to know their rights can coexist with other communities by asserting, thanks to the law and the regulations, its land fees. But also the ordering of its economic power.

Each community has also been invited to make proposals which will have to be presented to the authorities.

An Angolan general to verify the accusations between the DRC and Rwanda in the Congolese East .
© AFP - Guerchom NDEBO of the Congolese army soldiers in the streets of Bunagana in April 2022. Angolan general Joao Massone A was appointed at the head of the ad hoc verification mechanism responsible for examining the accusations that the DRC and Rwanda are in mutually. This officer met Thursday, October 13, Félix Tshisekedi in Kinshasa, accompanied by Angolan and Congolese Foreign Affairs on Thursday 13 October.

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