Sports: Hundreds Demonstrate in Hamburg against Islamic Center

protests in Iran on the ninth day after the death of young woman

 protests in Iran on the ninth day after the death of young woman in Iran, numerous people took the street on Saturday in a row to protest after the death of a young woman as a result of her arrest by the moral police. So far, 41 people have been killed in the demonstrations, according to a report on state television. The human rights organization Iran Human Rights (her) in Oslo stated the number of demonstrators killed with 54. Most deaths were therefore reported from the provinces of Gilan and Masandaran.

Hundreds of people demonstrated on Monday afternoon in Hamburg for the closure of the Mosque of the Islamic Center. The protest was peaceful, said a police spokesman on Monday. Around 450 people took part in the rally.

For the campaign within sight of the mosque, the Kulturbrücke Hamburg had called up with its initiative International Women in Power and the Association of Secular Islam Hamburg. They also called for the suspension of the state contracts with Schura.

Several women cut off the hair at the rally in protest, as a dpa photographer observed. Even a man with longer hair could be cut off symbolically. On signs, the demonstrators called for the Islamic center to close immediately.

The Islamic Center Hamburg, which runs the Blue Mosque on the Alster, is viewed by the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution as an outpost of Iran in Europe.

triggers of the current protests is the death of the 22 -year -old Mahsa Amini. It was arrested by the moral police in Iran for a violation of the strict Islamic dress code. What exactly happened to Amini after her arrest is unclear. It is known that she initially fell into a coma and died in a hospital on September 16. Critics accuse the moral police of using violence. The police reject the allegations.

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