Sports: World Cup in Qatar: Paris joins the list of cities which will not broadcast the football games

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Des ouvriers de la voirie, à Doha la capitale du Qatar, le 21 mai 2022 © Karim Jaafar of road workers, in Doha the capital of Qatar, May 21, 2022

Paris joins the list of Cities that will not broadcast the World Football. Exit the fans and giant screens: the town hall announced this Monday that the meetings of the World Cup in Qatar - which will be held from November 20 to December 18 - will not be broadcast in public space. “For us there was no question of installing areas of broadcasting of matches for several reasons: the first is the conditions of the organization of this World Cup, both on the environmental aspect and social aspect , the second is temporality, the fact that it takes place in December ”, explains the town hall of Paris, after similar announcements were made by several major French cities.

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Marseille, Bordeaux, Nancy, Reims but also Strasbourg, Lille or Rodez have already made the same decision, for humanitarian and environmental reasons. "This competition has gradually transformed into a human and environmental disaster, incompatible with the values ​​that we want to see through sport and in particular football" , ensures in particular the Municipality of Marseille, led by the socialist Benoît Payan on the head a large left and ecologist coalition.

On the side of Nancy, a press release from the city also reports on the gap as for "The use of air -conditioned stages during this World Cup [...] with the challenges of ecological transition" and calls the organizers to "seriously Review the rules for the allocation of the next World Cups ”. Objective: to integrate the issues of "sobriety" and "respect for human law" . The mayor of Reims, Arnaud Robinet (Horizons), even describes the event of one of the "more controversial in the history of sport" .

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"Energy aberration"

among the reasons for this boycott include treatment of immigrant workers and the number of people killed as part of the construction of the eight stages of the World Cup. If the official assessment is only three dead, the International Labor Organization (ILO) reports in a report of 50 workers who died in labor accidents in Qatar in 2020, and 500 seriously injured. According to her, a figure that could be higher due to gaps in the accident census system.

In addition to the question of human rights, Pierre Hurmic, ecologist mayor of Bordeaux, also underlines the inconsistency of this organization in relation to the efforts requested from the population in terms of energy sobriety. "You cannot call your fellow citizens to sobriety and you yourself be an accomplice of energy aberration of this nature", he considers, adding that "Those who allocated the World Cup in 2010 Qatar were light years from what an energy sobriety was ”. Whether the World Cup is played in winter or summer, it doesn't matter. The mayor assures him: the decision not to disseminate would have been the same.

A month and a half of the start of the competition, the mayor of Bordeaux is convinced

"that other mayors will make identical decisions in the coming days" . And certifies it: he will not look at competition.

World Cup 2022. A subcontractor pinned on the living conditions of migrant workers .
© Photo: Karim Jaafar / AFP The Lusail stadium in Doha, September 2, 2022. Images of the living conditions of workers of workers Migrants in Qatar were broadcast Thursday by France Television and again rekindled criticism of non-compliance with human rights in the emirate, where the World Cup is held in a month. The FFF commissioned an inspection.

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