Sports: "Sandrine Rousseau went too far": Julien Bayou reacts to accusations of violence

Daniel Lévi: His wife pays him a new upset tribute for a particular opportunity

 Daniel Lévi: His wife pays him a new upset tribute for a particular opportunity © Guillaume Gaffiot/Bestimage Daniel Lévi: his wife pays him a new tribute overwhelming for a particular occasion on August 6, 2022, the world of song French lost one of its emblematic singers. The death of Daniel Lévi was made official on social networks. Sunday, September 25, 2022, his partner Sandrine Lévi, paid him a new tribute for a particular opportunity. He had accurately interpreted the desire to love. Daniel Lévi unfortunately died on Saturday August 6, 2022.

Julien Bayou, le 10 septembre 2022. © Thomas Samson / AFP Julien Bayou, September 10, 2022.

in an interview with the "world" published this Tuesday, October 4, 2022, L 'ex-national secretary of Europe Ecology The Greens, who set off after accusations of psychological violence on his ex-partner, came out of silence and thus delivers his version of the case.

"There is no Bayou case" . In an interview published by the newspaper Le Monde This Tuesday, October 4, 2022, the deputy Europe Ecologie-les Verts de Paris Julien Bayou defends himself after his questioning for psychological violence on his ex-partner. Facts he disputes. By the way, he strongly criticizes Sandrine Rousseau, at the origin of these live revelations on the France 5 channel in the program C to you.

Resignation of Julien Bayou: Elisabeth Badinter says he is "particularly shocked by the intervention" of Sandrine Rousseau

 Resignation of Julien Bayou: Elisabeth Badinter says he is The ecologist deputy reacted instantly on Twitter, this Wednesday, September 28, to the words of Elisabeth Badinter, calling them "Combo of reactionary positions ".

“She went too far. And everyone is measuring it. For me, do not confuse feminism and maccarthyism ”, he declares. "We do not swing at a prime hour of the psychological situation of someone who suffers or accusations without elements. "

" a deviation "of feminism

He specifies: " It is not an excess of feminism, it is a deviation ", maintains the deputy of Paris, who considers that" Metoo is a necessary and unfinished revolution ".

Julien Bayou also criticizes the absence of space to defend himself in the face of these accusations, while the party's investigation cell had been attached to the file since June. Cell that Julien Bayou's ex-partner officially seized Monday October 3. "This is the confirmation that cell has been working in a vacuum for three months, because it had so far refused to testify, while on my side, I asked four times to be interviewed. […] The fact remains that “toxic behavior” means nothing or saying everything. To be factual, I have never committed psychological violence against my ex-partner and I intend to demonstrate it, "he said.

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For his part, his ex-partner also wishes to be heard

"under certain conditions ensuring the safety of testimonies".

No legal action

Friday, October 30, a liberation article revealed that for three years, Julien Bayou had lived under the pressure of an informal feminist collective which reproached him for his conduct and investigated his relations with women. Information denied within the party, but confirmed by Julien Bayou.

"Yes, in 2019, I had to ask a militant woman to stop investigating me, and especially to peddle rumors and accusations without evidence. […] This person is part of the cell, which raises questions ", expresses the deputy, who does not provide " at this stage ", No legal action.

The deputy also announced his return to the Assembly this Tuesday to "lead [to proper]" the mandate in which he was invested.

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