Sports: subject to “zero covid” policy, Chinese are annoyed to see spectators of the World Cup without mask

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Diffusés sur le réseau d’État CCTV, les matches de la coupe du monde au Qatar soulèvent l'indignation et le doute en Chine, qui se plie depuis près de trois ans à une stricte politique « zéro Covid ».  © Reuters/Tingshu Wang

broadcast on the CCTV State network, the World Cup matches in Qatar raise Indignation and doubt in China, which has been bending for almost three years to a strict "zero covid" policy.

almost three years after the first confinement decreed in Wuhan, would the Chinese doubt the "zero covid" policy imposed by the government? The viewing of the World Cup matches in Qatar, broadcast in the country on the CCTV state network, and spectators without masks has aroused a strong stir. "Some people attend in person and without masks in the World Cup matches, others have been confined to their homes for a month, on site for two months, without being able to set foot outside", denounced for example a user from Guangdong on The Weibo social network, which is similar to a Chinese version of Twitter on which the authorities have control.

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and add: "Who stole my life? I will not say. »Confines by neighborhoods or even by cities, almost daily PCR tests for contaminated, quarantined, repeated closures of public establishments, transport restrictions, use of surveillance drones ... while the rest of the world tries to cohabit with the Coronavirus , Chine from XI Jinping remains subject to strict “zero covid” policy.

The Chinese in the face of "reality"

Tuesday, according to analysts from the Nomura Institute, more than a quarter of the population had been placed in a form of confinement. A violent contrast with the crowds of supporters assistant to the World Cup. For another user, living in Shaanxi province, football competition is a mirror of the international situation. And allows an awareness of the Chinese people: "The World Cup allows most Chinese to see reality abroad, to be worried about the economy of the fatherland and their own youth.

In this context, an open letter was massively broadcast on Tuesday on WeChat messaging. Questioning the fact that Beijing is "on the same planet" as Doha, the text has since been removed from the platform.

A sign of a dissatisfaction with the population, rare demonstrations took place on Wednesday around the largest iPhone factory in the world, owned by the Taiwanese subcontractor Foxconn. The latter had decided to confine her workers in the face of the increase in Covid cases. Altercations broke out between workers and people in white protection combination and riot police.

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