Sports: impaired game performance under Windows 11 22H2: update lock loosened, still little information

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Around two weeks ago Microsoft confirmed that Windows 11 2022 Update (version 22H2) can impair performance in games. An update lock has been set up, which has now been loosened in order to only protect the "actually affected systems".

This updated message can be found in the Windows Release Health Dashboard (via ComputerBase ). However, the new information is still not very revealing or donated additional confusion.

had already said two weeks ago that an update lock had been set up for those systems on which games are installed that are affected by the problem. In these games, debugging functions are mistakenly activated, which result in a corresponding reduction in performance. Even then, there was no talk of a global update blockade.

Defared Name: Process Hacker is now called System Informer

 Defared Name: Process Hacker is now called System Informer © provided by Dr. Windows System Informer formerly Process Hacker For many years, an alternative Task Manager for Windows has been very popular despite his "evil name". Now the "Process Hacker" gets a new name and then operates on "System Informer". The program is an open source project hosted on SourceForge and Github . The Process Hacker got its original name because it enables a more detailed analysis of ongoing processes than, for example, the Windows Task Manager.

In one addendum, Microsoft now writes that the Safeguard Hold set up has been updated in such a way that the update to version 22H2 is not offered only on the devices, on which "a few" games and apps are still installed, which are still affected by the problem are.

Although Microsoft claims that there are now very few exceptions, you can obviously not be able to list them.

These Safeguard Holds are a fundamentally good thing and generally they are also well documented by Microsoft. In this specific case, however, it is an absolute confusion. Fortunately, the vast majority of users are not interested in such details anyway.

WhatsApp for Windows: New functions on an approach .
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