Sports: inexplicable and unforgivable: Dwayne Johnson distributes clear announcements of DC for superman failure

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in a new video, Dwayne Johnson talks about Black Adam and Henry Cavills Superman return. In his announcement, he also shared the studio.

Unerklärlich und unverzeihlich: Dwayne Johnson verteilt klare Ansage an DC für Superman-Versagen © Warner Bros. inexplicable and unforgivable: Dwayne Johnson distributes clear announcements to DC for Superman failure

with Black Adam Dwayne Johnson fulfilled a dream to all DC fans and brought Henry Cavill back as Superman . For this campaign, however, he had to fight quite a bit and even rose the DC boss at the time.

Now the star has shared a video again on Twitter, in which he celebrates Black Adam and accuses the studio irresponsible action for Superman.

still looks at the German Black Adam trailer: Black Adam-Star Dwayne Johnson considers Superman behavior to be unforgivable

on Twitter, The Rock posted a new video in which he successfully (once again) as a change in the power of power in the DC -Universum celebrates. For him, this also includes the achievement of making Justice Society of America known to the general public.

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already read? Dwayne Johnson is flattened by Marvel-and, like a stubborn child

, reacts crucial for him, but the Superman return was also the greatest power of the entire universe against Black Adam. He also distributed a top against DC:

and at the end of the day the Studio Henry Cavill did not bring back, inexplicably and unforgivable. But we didn't want to accept no as an answer. I myself, my co -founder and chair of Seven Bucks, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, our President of Seven Bucks. It took years to bring Henry Cavill back. And years of strategic conversations and we would not accept a no as an answer.

The future of the DC film universe without Henry Cavills Superman is inconceivable for Dwayne Johnson. The then DC boss Walter Hamada finally wanted to leave Snyder's superhero universe behind and was against the plan of the Black Adam star. He then went behind his back to the current Warner Bros. Pictures executives Michael de Luca and Pamela Abdy , who gave him approval for Cavills Cameo appearance.

What do you think of Dwayne Johnson's Superman mission?

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