Sports: CORRIDA: In what countries and under what conditions does the practice of bullfighting continue in the world?

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Important tradition or barbaric spectacle of another time, corrida always crystallizes tensions as much. France is not the only country where the practice of bullfighting is authorized. Overview.

  Corrida : dans quels pays et sous quelles conditions la pratique de la tauromachie perdure-t-elle dans le monde ? © provided by Franceinfo

The law proposal for deputy LFI Aymeric Caron aimed at banning bullfighting will be examined in the hemicycle Thursday, November 24, May it is little chance of succeeding. In Law Commission, the deputies in fact supported Wednesday, November 16, the RN and LR amendments to delete the only article from the text.

Tradition to defend or Barbaric practice to ban , France is not the only country to ask the question. On the world map, corrida is present, or has been present, in Spain, in Portugal and Latin America with differences concerning the most sensitive point: the killing or not of the bull. Overview.

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The countries where bullfighting with killing remains authorized

in Spain , where the bullfighting tradition was born, bullfight has been declared "good of cultural interest" since 2013 and in 2019, last year before the pandemic of covid- 19, 2.5 million people attended a Taurin event. However, Catalonia prohibited bullfighting in 2010; Decision then canceled by the Spanish Constitutional Court. But in fact, there are no more bullfights in Catalonia, in particular in Barcelona, ​​a long time one of the major arenas in Spain. Spanish opinion is divided and the animal cause progresses. Since 2021, Gijon (Asturias) has banned bullfighting.

In Mexico , corrida has been declared protected as a cultural heritage in seven states out of 32 - declarations disputed by the anticorridas before the Supreme Court. As in all the countries of Latin America, tradition dates back to the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. In Mexico City are even the largest arenas in the world (50,000 seats). However, this 500 -year -old tradition could go out. In June 2022, a federal judge suspended bullfights in the city of Mexico City. And five states have already banned this practice, which generates 80,000 direct jobs in the country, according to its defenders.

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In Colombia , the bullfight remains popular but President Gustavo Petro, who took office in August 2022, is an anti-tauin claimed. A bill which proposes to prohibit this activity permanently is in preparation for the congress. And killings are already prohibited in Bogota.

In Peru , the opposition to bullfights grows but the taurine tradition remains well rooted. This Andean country has 199 arenas, against only 80 football stadiums. In February , 2020, the Constitutional Court rejected a collective action claiming the ban on bullfighting and rooster fights, also very popular.

The countries where bullfights with killing are partially prohibited

to Venezuela , bullfights with killing remain authorized but a law of 2010 subjects the organization of public shows with animals to an authorization from municipalities. The cities of Caracas, Maracaibo, San Felipe or Maracay, among others, have published Anticorrida decrees. And in 2020, seven bullfighting shows only held.

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in Ecuador , in 2011, a consultation on the Taurine shows with killing had a majority for their ban, but with strong local disparities. The supporters of the bullfight did not disarm and multiplied the appeals even before the Ecuadorian Constitutional Court. Since 2021, the capital Quito has banned "any public or private spectacle involving suffering, mistreatment, death or any attack on animal welfare".

The countries where the bullfighting tradition has disappeared

in Chile, Argentina, Cuba and Uruguay, corrida with killing is prohibited and has long disappeared. In some of these ancient Spanish colonies, the ban was a sign of emancipation, from independence between 1806 and 1830. In many of these countries there remain forms of Taurine shows, closer to the Rodeo of North America or Landes or Camargaises in the south of France.

countries that prefer variants without killing

in Portugal, bullfighting is called "tourada" and it has several particularities: it is most often practiced on horseback and there is no killing of the bull , forbidden for almost a century. That said, the riders still plant trailer. Since last year, the "Touradas" have been prohibited at least 16 years in Portugal. Note that "Tourada" is also practiced in the United States, California, where 350,000 people of Portuguese origin live.

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