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Sports: South Africa: a parliamentary report opens the way to a debate on a dismissal of Ramaphosa

A spirit called Koch hovers through Berlin

 A spirit called Koch hovers through Berlin Berlin. The traffic light accuses the Union of wanting to go back to the 1990s because it rejects the modernization of citizenship law. Group leader Friedrich Merz counters - with an offer. Union parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz does not want to close a modernization of citizenship law, but provides conditions. A spirit is currently hovers through political Berlin, one from the 1990s. Seen or probably felt by the traffic lights, especially from the Greens.

Le président sud-africain Cyril Ramaphosa lors de son discours aux parlementaires, le 10 février 2022 à la mairie du Cap. © AP/Nic Bothma South African President Cyril Ramaphosa during his speech to parliamentarians, February 10, 2022 at the town hall .

A parliamentary committee, responsible for examining a scandal affecting the South African president Cyril Ramaphosa, judged in his report given this Wednesday that there was enough matter to debate in the parliament of his possible dismissal.

An independent commission designated in September by the Parliament submitted its report to the president of the institution on Wednesday. The members of this commission were responsible for determining whether elements demonstrate that Head of State, Cyril Ramaphosa, violated the Constitution or the Law. The manager has been entangled for several months in a scandal linked to the burglary of his agricultural property of Phala Phala , in 2020. During this burglary, bundles of tickets were found hidden in furniture. The South African President is accused of having hidden the incident to the police or the tax authorities.

after allegations of money laundering: South Africa's President continues to resign from

 after allegations of money laundering: South Africa's President continues to resign from A robbery on his farm has given President Ramaphosa for his office this week. However, he himself rejects the corruption reports as unfounded. © Photo: Reuters/ Pool Cyril Ramaphosa during a visit to London in November. South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to remain in office despite allegations of money laundering. This was said by his spokesman, Vincent Magwenya, on Saturday of the German Press Agency. "Ramaphosa does not resign," said Magwenya.

The South African Parliament must study the conclusions of this report in three volumes next Tuesday. These could theoretically lead to a vote for the dismissal of the Head of State, but this procedure is, in reality, little chance of succeeding since it requires a majority of two-thirds of the Assembly, Where the party of Cyril Ramaphosa, the ANC, has a comfortable majority.

increasing disenchantment for ANC

The delivery of this report nevertheless comes two weeks from an important meeting of the ruling party, scheduled for December 16 and 20. This meeting must make it possible to designate the next party leader. Whoever emerges victorious will probably become the next head of state after the 2024 general elections. Provided of course that the ANC wins the ballot.

Nelson Mandela's party is now faced with growing disenchantment. It passed, last year, for the first time in its history below 50%, in local elections.

Successor of Jacob Zuma, pushed to resign in 2018 after a series of scandals, Cyril Ramaphosa rejected in block all the accusations that aim at this case. It is nonetheless expected on the front of the fight against corruption, a scourge which he promised to eradicate.

The FDP Group is history .
© MRM The Ulo Group: Michael Planer (from left) Adrian Fritsch, Thomas Fiehler, Florian Schauer and Klaus Dickhoff (front).

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