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Sports: Tiger: Refugees in Sudan demand the departure of the Eritreans to "find peace"

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  Ukrainian refugees embrace peace and quiet in Canada as war rages on OTTAWA — Inna Fomina is keeping a watchful eye on her one-year-old son Adrian as he plays in peaceful contentment on a carpet at an improvised space in western Ottawa. Less than two months after mother and son arrived in Canada after the war in Ukraine forced them to flee, she's been savouring the peace and quiet of her new home. Fomina is visiting the café and drop-in centre, which was opened by the local Canadian Ukrainian community to help refugees like her. "It's another planet here," she said with a smile. "Everything is so big: houses, cars." Her story is one of horror and displacement, but also one of hope and resilience.

Des réfugiées éthiopiennes ayant fui les combats dans le Tigré ramènent des vivres dans un camp soudanais, le 18 novembre 2020 (illustration) © AFP - Ebrahim Hamid Ethiopian refugees who fled the fighting in the tiger bring food back in a Sudanese camp, November 18, 2020 (illustration )

The humanitarian situation remains very fragile in the tiger, like the truce signed on November 3. In question: the presence of the Eritrean forces since the start of the conflict. Tigrean refugees in Sudan are indignant, calling on the Eritreans to leave the territory.

With our special envoy to Al-Hashaba, Eliott Brachet

in Sudan, where nearly 46,000 Tigreans have lived in refugee camps for two years, the hope aroused by the peace agreements between the Ethiopian government and the authorities of the Tiger quickly fell back to make room for doubts. Because the peace agreements do not mention the involvement of the Eritrean forces, although many reports indicate that their abuses continue in the north of the Tiger, risking to derail the fragile negotiated peace.

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In a small restaurant installed in the middle of the al-Hashaba camp, a dozen men sitting on plastic chairs have their eyes riveted on a television. On the screen, reports broadcast by a Tigeran chain show fleeing civilians. “Peace was signed a month ago. But in Golo Makhada, east of the Tiger, the Eritrean forces have moved 90,000 people in recent days, Fulmina Haftom Tesfai, refugee in Sudan. They killed 81 people and kidnapped 48. All their properties are looted. Eritreans do not want the peace agreement, they do everything so that it is not applied on the ground.

These refugees call for international mediators, the United States in mind, to guarantee the peace process and put pressure on Abiy Ahmed. But for Mabrahtu Weldo, a farmer from Aksoum in the Tiger, he is impossible to trust the Ethiopian Prime Minister who combined with Eritrea: "Abiy Ahmed has granted himself with a man without faith or law. [The Eritrean President] Issaias Afwerki is a dangerous man who destabilizes the whole region. If the Eritrean army does not withdraw, there will be no peace. All my loved ones were killed by their weapons in this war, They exterminated our people. That they all clear so that we find peace "

The Liberation Front of the Tiger people insists that the disarmament of the Tigernes forces will only take place once the foreign and non -federal troops will have withdrawn from the region. On a visit to Addis Ababa, the UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres, reiterated his full support for full implementation.

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