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Sports: Jérôme Anthony, all in the kitchen (M6): "With Cyril Lignac, our friendship is real"

Cyril Hanouna: Louis Boyard filed a complaint for ‘insults’

 Cyril Hanouna: Louis Boyard filed a complaint for ‘insults’ The two protagonists filed a complaint. © supplied by Bang Showbiz Cyril Hanouna The Louis Boyard deputy filed a complaint against Cyril Hanouna for "insults". After the lively altercation between the host and the deputy of rebellious France, the two protagonists filed a complaint on their side, the presenter having filed a defamation complaint against Boyard.

En direct d’une ville différente par soirée, l’animateur relève le défi de réaliser la recette du chef Lignac. Et se réjouit de ce tour de France savoureux ! © Marie Etchegoyen/M6 live from a different city per evening, the host takes up the challenge of making the recipe for Chef Lignac. And is delighted with this tasty Tour de France!

Each evening, Cyril Lignac will concoct a party menu from his kitchen, while you will be on the ground, live from the Christmas markets of France. Happy ?

Jérôme Anthony: Leaving the highway to walk in the region, it's my kif! We are a continuation of what makes the show's success. We realize, season after season, that more and more people watch the program and come to see us when we settle in the market square in their city. There is a real effervescence, which reminds a little that which existed on programs like 40 ° in the shade , broadcast on France 3, in the 80s. The public knows the program by heart and knows when Recipe I will struggle! I think the public appreciates my clumsiness. When he sees me, he feels like having Cyril Lignac on hand ... In less good cook, of course! (Laughs)

Cyril Hanouna torpedoed in "Le Late": this little tackle of Alain Chabat went unnoticed ...

 Cyril Hanouna torpedoed in © TF1 this Thursday, November 24, in the 4th issue of his late show, on TF1, Alan Chabat Taken at Cyril Hanouna ... We thought they were reconciled, it is not! This week, the war between Cyril Hanouna and Alain Chabat resumed, by interposed programs. Wednesday evening, back on C8, after being absent the day before, Baba swayed in TPMP about the " Late" , the end of evening program of the ex-nul: " it does not work. It is catastrophic on the audiences side. The program is very expensive [...] ar

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all in the kitchen, holiday menus (M6): menus, guests, lottery ... What does this new season have in store for us?

You seem very accomplice with Cyril Lignac. Do you have known yourself for a long time?

since his arrival on M6 with the program yes chef! , in 2005. We had always wanted to work together, without knowing how. If our duo works well, it is because our friendship is real. Making a pair on television does not work if the relationships between the protagonists are not a minimum authentic.

You seem to enjoy being in contact with the public ...

for me, it's a reward to find myself facing people who love what I do on television. This does not mean that I am the strongest but, all of a sudden, my work materializes via the welcome and the smiles on the faces of the people I meet. I have only one rule: I grant photos and autographs to all those who ask me, until the last one. I never force myself, it is a real happiness.

Casey Anthony's Father is 'Outraged and Appalled' At Allegations of Molestation: 'He Denies It All'

  Casey Anthony's Father is 'Outraged and Appalled' At Allegations of Molestation: 'He Denies It All' George Anthony 'knew he was going to be thrown under the bus,' a family source tells PEOPLE, 'but didn't expect her to run him over so many times'Casey Anthony's father is reeling from his daughter's new interview — and is considering taking legal action against her.

How do you move from city to city?

We are a team of five people and we follow each other in two cars. The atmosphere is good and those who accompany me love challenge me. For example, I never know the title of recipes before the start of the show. Suffice to say that it spins my performance even more!

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all in the kitchen (M6): the ingredients of the "orange duck" by Cyril Lignac

What dish do you prefer to taste for the Christmas holidays?

I don't have a favorite dish. I like everything ! But there is one thing that I am proud of is that, for two years, I have been making the log myself thanks to the ultra-simple recipe of Cyril. Frankly, for not very expensive, we make a great dessert, we delight our families and we harvest a lot of applause! What more ?

Would you like other shows on M6 maybe?

I am well served by the group, at this level. Besides, I come back from Agadir (Morocco, Editor's note), where we recorded the concert for tolerance, with Gims, Claudio Capéo and Camélia Jordana. He will be broadcast at the end of December, on W9. And I released an album, my most beautiful Chanso N, in 2021. As soon as my schedule allows me, I give concerts everywhere in France. Far be it from me to prick the place of the singers, but I have such a pleasure to be on stage that I end up taking myself in the game and I am thinking of released another album.

All in the kitchen, holiday menus : Monday to Friday at 6:40 p.m. on M6

Interview Adeline Quittot

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