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Sports: vocational training should be more attractive

Christophe Béchu announces training in ecological transition for all mayors of France

 Christophe Béchu announces training in ecological transition for all mayors of France © Christophe Archambault / AFP on RTL, Tuesday November 22, 2022, Christophe Béchu announced a new training program for the ecological transition for mayors of France . The Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion Christophe Béchu announced, Tuesday, November 22, 2022, an awareness and training program for ecological transition for all mayors of France.

is based on the federal government, should the example of Abdullah Isik School do: Despite great initial doubts, he decided on an apprenticeship - today the 20 -year -old is happy about the step. In the future, Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger (FDP) wants to win more young people for training, as announced on Monday in a Berlin technology company. "We need more young people again, more hard-working hands, more clever minds that also want to go to vocational training," said Stark-Watzinger.

Abdullah Isik in den Räumen seines Arbeitgebers IAV GmbH in Berlin. Er ist nach einer teils holprigen Schullaufbahn froh, hier eine Ausbildung gemacht zu haben. © Basil Wegener/dpa Abdullah Isik in the rooms of his employer IAV GmbH in Berlin. He is happy after a bumpy school career to have done an apprenticeship here.

At Abdullah Isik, the way to the employee in the company with more than 7,600 employees was by no means prescribed from the start. "I haven't had a plan at school yet," he says. There were no professional orientation there either. He did not make the targeted middle school leaving certificate.

Employment and accommodation: Discover the most attractive French cities in 2022

 Employment and accommodation: Discover the most attractive French cities in 2022 in 2022, the list of the most attractive French cities place Orléans in first position. The study confirms the assets of medium -sized cities, acclaimed since the health crisis.

a professional or academic training?

in an upper level center, Isik graduated. In Berlin, various courses in professional fields are summarized at these centers. But he still didn't know how to proceed. In the upper level center, as he tells, there were professional orientation with numerous tests and application training. But he thought: "Anyone who screwed up the tenth grade has no chance in such a company." Nevertheless, he applied for good luck with the technology company, was taken - and took over after his training.

Stark-Watzinger complains of a opposite trend: "The number of training contracts, it stagnates, sometimes it goes back." Because more and more young people wanted to do academic training. Therefore, Stark-Watzinger started the “Excellence Initiative Vocational Education” with various measures. A reform of the promotion BAföG should increase the individual opportunities of each individual. With this BAföG, preparation for further training qualifications is promoted, for example, as a master.

Take part in the artistic training fair organized by "Le Monde" on December 10 and 11 in Paris

 Take part in the artistic training fair organized by Design, cinema, architecture, graphics ... The start, the artistic training fair, will help high school students and students better understand the trades Creation and finding themselves among the training. Design, graphic arts, fashion, video, "game", cinema, UX-IU, digital ... Many establishments will be present.

also has to be intensified for professional orientation in schools. Stark-Watzinger demanded: "Above all, she has to arrive in high schools." In addition, according to the minister, the major social issues should put the focus more on the training focus. "For example, the fight against climate change, but also digitization and others." Furthermore, the vocational training should increase “the international mobility of young people”. The steps of the “Excellence Initiative” will be funded by Stark-Watzinger's Ministry by 2026 with around 750 million euros.

"In no case only promotion of lighthouse projects"

in Abdullah Isik's high school center was already very important. But he describes the equipment there as "outdated" compared to his experiences in his high-tech company. "In our school system, the state of digital technology is like in 2010," he says.

The deputy DGB chairman Elke Hannack cautiously commented on the new “Excellence Initiative”. Vocational training must be strengthened. "However, this must not result in promoting lighthouse projects, while the support is in width." For example, the federal and state governments urgently would have to better equip the vocational schools.

The Green Group Chairman Katharina Dröge promised that the “Excellence Initiative” bundles new and existing measures to generate skilled workers. Because: "From the small craft company that installs heat pumps to the large company that produces wind turbines, the economy feels the shortage of skilled workers."

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