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Sports: France: A teacher threatened by the extreme right for a visit to migrant camp

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Un camp de migrants à Calais le 27 novembre 2021 (image d'illustration). © AP - Rafael Yaghobzadeh A migrant camp in Calais on November 27, 2021 (illustration image).

A philosophy teacher was to take her hypokhâgne preparatory class from the Watteau high school in Valenciennes near a Calais migrant camp. An educational project that sparked out of shields and threats from far -right militants of the Reconquest Party! by Eric Zemmour. The rectorate of Lille filed a complaint.

The teacher simply wanted to do his job and make her students think about the question of migrants. The extreme right, whose party reconquests Eric Zemmour, did not understand this in this way. The philosophy professor was put in grazing on social networks. In turn "pro-immigration activist", which "imposes its ideology", "endoctrine its students", etc. Worse: "it's time to bring out the guillotine".

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Personal threats

for Sophie Vénétitay, Secretary General of SNES-FSU, Main Syndicat des Teachers, these methods are unworthy: "That said a lot of the way the far right, and in particular the party of Eric Zemmour , designs education. We can clearly see that everything that allows students to think about themselves, to emancipate, to discover the other, to build a civic culture, all this is something that they do not accept, To the point of putting pressure on teachers and national education. It is therefore very worrying also for the future of the school. "

The name of the teacher was mentioned on social networks and she also received personal threats: “Inevitably, the very sad memory of Samuel Paty comes in mind, saying that we are reliving exactly the same mechanisms. And that is not acceptable. This is why it was urgent that national education also reacts. " The professor benefits from legal protection on the part of national education.

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The left protests

while a collective of more than a thousand members mainly from French research and teaching took up position in defense of the philosopher, the left political parties have insurgent against practices to reconquer!

“This story is edifying. The party of (Éric) Zemmour uses the same methods and intimidation as the radical Islamists to put pressure on teachers, "denounced the first secretary of the PS, Olivier Faure on Twitter, seeing a" legitimization of violence ". The environmental deputy Benjamin Lucas asked in a statement "the dissolution of the movement" of Mr. Zemmour, denouncing the "same terrorizing processes as the Islamists, by making the raid threats and insults swept". He called on the government to "protect educational staff, students and the school community".

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