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Sports: "Unter Uns" comeback: Cult role returns after 25 years!

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 Almost a year, Marc Schöttner played the amiable macho Philip and broke as this numerous hearts. Above all, the romance with serial favorite Carla, which after the Death of Gregor urgently needed an encouragement and found it in Philip, the audience was concerned: In the inside. In the end, it didn't really work out and the series makers decided to count Philips history. © ARD/Thorsten Jander Red Rosen Logo a few weeks ago, the ferryman son traveled to Paris to start a new life alone.

In the past few months, the "Unter us" viewers have been happy to look forward to some comebacks inside. Among other things, Holger Frank suddenly saw in his role as Wolfgang Weigel in the series. But the latest return is doing everything!

„Unter Uns“: Selbstmord in der 7000. Folge! © RTL "Unter Uns": Suicide in the 7000th episode! "Unter Uns": Tatiani Katrantzi returns as a Jennifer Tuner

as RTL has announced , none other than Tatiani Katrantzi will play again at "Unter us"! Her name will say something of the very first hour, because the actress was on the road from episode 1 as Jennifer Turner in Schillerallee. Now the TV star is celebrating his comeback completely surprisingly.

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in over 900 episodes from 1994 to 1998 with Jennifer Tuner, from January 17, 2023 (episode 7038) there will be reunion. As RTL reveals, the actress should be "longer" again, so a leading role seems to be possible in the future.

So Jennifer Tuner returns after 25 years

Jennifer Turner does not come back to Schillerallee alone - she has a hairy companion with her! Your dog Tzatziki will always be at your side in the future. “I am definitely a dog. Until a few years ago, I also had a Labrador Kleinmünsterländer mixing: Phoebe. The best dog in the world! ”, Tatiani Katrantzi is happy.

from the current cast, the actress has so far only known colleague Isabel Hertel. But there are still some known faces in the team, says Katrantzi. And how does Jennifer tuner return to "Unter us"? In fact, she has a connection to Chris Weigl (Jan Ammann). The two are old friends and the joy of reunion is of course great when Jennifer, who is now working for an animal welfare organization in Crete, suddenly stands at his door with Tzatziki. One thing is certain: the cheeky four -legged friend will provide all sorts of chaos ...

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