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Sports: Jungle Camp 2023: Are these candidates already determined?

Baba Wanga: The blind clairvoyant shocked with prophecy for 2023

 Baba Wanga: The blind clairvoyant shocked with prophecy for 2023 The blind mystic Baba Wanga, who is said to have predicted the death of Princess Diana, the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the presidency of Barack Obama, has five shocking predictions for that Year 2023.

, as always, wait fans of "I'm a star, get me out here" eagerly for the announcement of the candidate: inside. Most of the time there is the big revelation shortly before the start of the new season in January, but of course it is speculated wild in advance.

Dschungelcamp Jungle Camp Jungle Camp 2023: Bachelor Andrej Mangold is said to be

Now, less than two more months before Season 16 is broadcast, the first residents should already be known: inside of the jungle camp . As the "Bild" newspaper reports, the RTL broadcaster is said to have born by two real desired candidates.

one of them is none other than the former Bachelor Andrej Mangold. After his experience as a Rosenkavalier 2019, the 35-year-old was already seen in several TV formats, including "The Summer House of Stars" and "Fight of Reality Stars".

An ex-secretary of a Nazi camp expresses regrets during his trial

 An ex-secretary of a Nazi camp expresses regrets during his trial © Jean-Michel Delage / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP " d E am sorry for everything that happened. I regret having been to stuffhof at that time. That's all I can say, "said Irmgard Farchner. 97 years old, she was secretary of a concentration camp. She voted for the first for the first time on the facts accused of her during her trial, one of the last of the Nazi era in Germany .

, especially the summer house, to which he had started with his today's ex-girlfriend Jenny for a long time, added the star to the star and damaged his reputation with bullying allegations. Is it going better in the jungle camp?

Jungle Camp 2023: Influencer Twenty4tim as a candidate?

is also said to be a good acquaintance of the Bachelor: Influencer and Youtuber Twenty4tim, who is called Tim Kampmann with a bourgeois name. In 2021 he was there on the show "Pocher vs. Influencer", otherwise he is more on Tikok and Co. For many spectators: the internet star should be rather unknown on the inside.

Jungle Camp 2023: These celebrities could also be there

Man rumbling, you rumored. The list of celebrities for the jungle camp 2023 is getting longer. Allegedly, luxury lady Claudia Obert ("Fight of Reality Stars", "Celebrities under Palmen") and "Bachelor" strike fist Yeliz Koc should be there-but so far both ladies have denied this speculation. Well, let's take a look. The moderator and pop singer Stefan MROSS was also in conversation - but none. He is expected to take part in the "Fight of Reality Stars" in the coming year, but not the jungle camp.

The most prominent election-deniers lost their races. But at least 176 have won so far.

  The most prominent election-deniers lost their races. But at least 176 have won so far. More than 370 Republican candidates on the ballot denied or questioned the 2020 election results, according to a New York Times analysis.The legally challenged, twice-impeached former president has put great effort into continuing to rebrand the Republican Party while in his Mar-a-Lago home. He made more than 250 general election endorsements, according to Ballotpedia. Many of his endorsees have echoed his lies that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

Jungle Camp 2023: This GNTM icon is also supposed to be

"Germany's Next Top Model" was often represented in the past: Sarah Knappik, Giuliana Farfalla and Larissa Marolt already underwent various jungle tests. According to BILD information, Tessa Bergmeier should now enter their footsteps. Finally you saw the model at "Fight of Reality Stars" and she caused a lot of excitement.

The "Bauer sucht Ms." star Patrick Romer is said to be one of the jungle dwellers. Most recently, with his participation in the "Summer House of the Stars" and the separation from Antonia Hemmer, he did not make any positive headlines. Does he take the opportunity to wash his vest again?

also interesting:

Let's Dance 2023: Nathalie Volk as the first candidate? Jungle Camp 2023: RTL announces the location! Not missed : Now secure the hottest deals at Amazon!* after "prominently separated": does he come to the jungle camp 2023?

Gigi Birofio gradually makes a name in the reality show business: after "ex on the beach", "Tempation Island" and "prominently separated" now the jungle camp? It would always be entertaining.

jungle camp 2023: Second chance for Lucas Cordalis!

Actually the son of jungle king Costa Cordalis († 75) last year was an integral part of the jungle cast - only unfortunately Corona came in between. New year, new happiness: Lucas Cordalis should finally move into the jungle camp in 2023!

Whether these celebrities will really be in the jungle camp 2023 remains open. But it is definitely the presence of Jan Köppen. The moderator will lead through the show as the successor to Daniel Hartwich alongside Sonja Zietlow.

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