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Sports: Japan, United Kingdom and Italy will develop a new generation

Red and Rover by Brian Basset

  Red and Rover by Brian Basset Red and Rover by Brian Basset

combat aircraft Japan will collaborate with the United Kingdom and Italy to develop a new generation fighting aircraft by 2035, announced the three Country Friday, while the Japanese archipelago seeks to strengthen its defense strategy in a tense geopolitical context. View onononews

Archives : Avion de chasse F-2 japonais, sur une base militaire - Mars 2010 © AP/AP Archives: Japanese F -2 fighter plane, on a military base - March 2010

Tokyo, London and Rome will launch "an ambitious effort to develop a new generation fighting plane" in the Executive of a program called GCAP (Global Combat Air Program), these governments said.

This collaboration, which must take advantage of the research already launched by the three partners in advanced air combat technologies as well as unmanned aircraft, marks the first association of Japan with European partners to design a fighting aircraft.

Faced with "new threats", Japan, United Kingdom and Italy are preparing a new generation

 Faced with © Tomohiro combat aircraft An F-2 fighter plane participates in exercises organized by the Earth's force of Japanese self-defense ( JGSDF) in Gotemba (Japan) on May 28, 2022 Japan, the United Kingdom and Italy will develop a new generation fighting aircraft by 2035, in order according to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to ensure their Faced with "new threats" in a tense geopolitical context.

The details concerning the cost of the project have not yet been finalized, according to an official of the Japanese Defense Ministry who said that production should start around 2030 or 2031 in order to be able to deploy a prototype by 2035.

" When you look at the other countries, the United States has the F35 and Europe at the Eurofighter. We will of course aim to create combat aircraft that exceed the capacities of these models, "added the manager.

The Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the British Bae Systems and the Italian Leonardo should be at the center of the project, according to information from the Japanese economic daily Nikkei.

"We are determined to defend the free international order, open and based on rules, which is more important than ever at a period when these principles are disputed and when threats and attacks go by increasing," said the Three countries in a press release.

Japan must increase its military spending in the face of the Chinese -responsible threat

 Japan must increase its military spending in the face of the Chinese -responsible threat Taipei, December 11 (Reuters) - Japan must increase its defense expenses in the face of the "loss reality" of the threats represented by China and the North Korea, an important member of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) said on Sunday during a trip to Taiwan.

"Since it is crucial to defend our democracy, economy and security and to protect regional stability, we need solid defense and security partnerships, supported and reinforced by a credible deterrent" , they added.

- "Interoperability" -

Japan, whose defense strategy is heavily dependent on its American ally, seeks to drastically increase its capacities in this area to deal with the growing threats that it feels in its borders, from Korea North to China via Russia after the invasion of Ukraine.

Tokyo announced this week that it intended to increase its military expenses by 56% over the period 2023-2027, compared to the previous five exercises, and bring the budget of its defense to 2% of the national GDP by 2027, against 1 % maximum so far.

Such an objective is controversial in this country endowed with a pacifist constitution since 1947, which greatly limits the means and missions of its "self -defense forces" (name of its army).

Japan to approve major defence overhaul on China threats

  Japan to approve major defence overhaul on China threats Japan's government is poised to approve a major defence policy overhaul Friday, including a significant spending hike, as it warns China poses the "greatest strategic challenge ever" to the country's security. The moves will be outlined in three defence and security documents the cabinet is set to approve later Friday. They are expected to describe Beijing as "the greatest strategic challenge ever to securing the peace and stability of Japan" as well as a "serious concern" for Japan and the international community.

Japan, United Kingdom and Italy say they have designed the GCAP program as a basis of cooperation with other countries, insisting in their press release on its "future interoperability with the United States, NATO and our partners through the Europe, Indo-Pacific and in the world ".

"The United States supports Japan security and defense cooperation with allies and partners sharing the same values ​​(...) for the development of its next combat aircraft," said a common statement from the department American Defense and the Department of Japanese Defense.

The two countries discuss in particular "autonomous systems" together which could be complementary to the Japanese combat aircraft project and have agreed to "start a concrete cooperation in the course of next year", allowing "joint responses to threats Futures "in the Asia-Pacific region, added this press release.

The future combat aircraft is seen as a successor to the Japanese Mitsubishi F-2, designed with the American Lockheed Martin and commissioned in 2000.

Its development should in particular integrate the advances of the Tempest combat aircraft project, by the United Kingdom, and a pre-prototype of which is announced "in the next five years".

An agreement has also been signed in recent weeks between the French Dassault and the European Airbus to revive the expensive and complex European Aircraft Scaf, launched in 2017 and supposed to replace the combat aircraft by 2040 French Rafale and German and Spanish Eurofighter.

North Korea threatens Japan after the announcement of defense strategy .
© AP against the many Pyongyang missiles, Tokyo reviews its security policy and once again places North Korea as "imminent threat". (Illustration image) The continuous tension to climb on the Korean peninsula as the Plenum of the North Korean workers planned for the end of December. The last months have seen Pyongyang draw many missiles and Seoul repeat military exercises with the United States.

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