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Sports: shopping cart and bicycle on rail tracks: Investigations

A moment of truth is fast approaching for both Trump and the DOJ

  A moment of truth is fast approaching for both Trump and the DOJ Donald Trump is heading for a period of maximum legal and political risk over his role in the US Capitol insurrection and hoarding of classified documents that will collide with his efforts to electrify a low wattage 2024 White House bid. A quickening special counsel probe, now focusing on the alleged attempt to steal Georgia’s election, the climax of the House January 6 committee and a new trial of pro-Trump Oath Keepers extremists underscore the breadth of attempts to secure accountability over one of the darkest days in modern American history.

by apparently deliberately on the tracks, two trains have been damaged and train trips were stopped around the Christmas holidays. In both cases, the trains could not have kept in time and had risen on a shopping cart and a bicycle, the federal police said in Cologne on Tuesday. It will be determined for dangerous intervention in rail traffic.

Ein Regionalzug der Deutschen Bahn fährt durch einen Bahnhof. © Jonas Walzberg/dpa/symbol image A regional train of Deutsche Bahn drives through a train station.

strangers had thrown a shopping cart on the rails a day before Christmas Eve in Hennef (Rhein-Sieg-Kreis). The train driver of an S-Bahn could not see the obstacle in the dark. Travelers were not injured in the collision. But the train was damaged and could not continue.

On the second Christmas day, also in the evening, a bicycle was placed on the tracks shortly before the train station in Quadrath-Ichendorf in Bergheim. The regional railway caught the obstacle and then had to be repaired. Travelers remained unharmed.

The Federal Police emphasized that recorded or whirled objects become a life -threatening floor and can cause serious injuries.

Brandenburg: The fight for the last butcher of the city .
in the village in which our weekend property is located is no longer a single shop. In the nearest city, the last baker closed three years ago, only the label on the facade was left of the butcher. The last two grocery stores are in the entrance area of ​​the supermarket: a baker and a butcher. There are always people at the baker. Never with the butcher. © provided by Berliner Zeitung In summer I noticed it for the first time.

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