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Sports: Angelika Schorer no longer runs for Landtag

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Angelika Schorer Pressefoto © office Schorer Angelika Schorer Pressfoto Angelika Schorer is no longer running for Landtag

District/Jengen-at the end of the ongoing legislative period, Angelika Schorer, CSU member of the state in the Marktoberdorf, says goodbye take the Maximilianeum. And that from free pieces after two decades, as she told the district messenger last Wednesday.

"After twenty very fulfilled, exciting and successful years in the Bavarian state parliament as a representative of the citizens in the Ostallgäu district, even if it was not easy for me, I decided not to run for a fifth term in autumn 2023" , said Schorer the day after the district board meeting, in which she announced her decision. This had come as a surprise to some board members, but he had matured in it for a longer period of time, Schorer said in an interview with the district messenger. With its withdrawal from state politics, the Marktoberdorf voting group offers the opportunity for political rejuvenation, which is very important to her. Suitable young successors are definitely available. Her wish is expressly, as she told our newspaper to hold the successor to a young woman. In the first week of January, the district board will discuss the further procedure in an orderly procedure and give recommendations.

Landtag election in Bavaria 2023-Söder: State government has set the appointment

 Landtag election in Bavaria 2023-Söder: State government has set the appointment © Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa A person in the state election in Bavaria. Landtag election in Bavaria 2023 - Söder: State government has set the appointment 2023 is the election of the state parliament and the district elections in Bavaria. The current Prime Minister Markus Söder has now announced the exact date ... Munich - The appointment for the next state election in Bavaria is clear - it is October 8, 2023.

"The currently eventful times with the consequences of Corona pandemic, crises and war were and are very challenging for me as President of the Red Cross since 2021 with the many full-time employees," she added as a further reason for the conclusion in the state parliament on. But she emphasized: “I am not tired. By the end of the legislature I will continue with full strength ”, after all, there are still some important things. “I still have many points on my agenda that I would like to toast. I want to complete the projects that have started with full commitment, as it was always my leitmotif: to be a career for the citizens in the voting circle. ”

Schorer looks back to twenty years as a member of the state parliament in autumn in which they are in the Ostallgäu region "for a sustainable traffic concept, good medical care, for agriculture, tourism and schools in the voting group". “The social issues were always of great importance for me in the two decades. I look back very positively for my time in the state parliament and I look forward to the last year of my term, ”emphasized Schorer. "I am very grateful for the time, the experiences and the experiences for our region and Bavaria, which I was allowed to do as a member of the state parliament."

The 64-year-old will continue to continue your local political engagement. Among other things, she is a district councilor and deputy district administrator in the Ostallgäu and district chairman of the CSU Ostallgäu.

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