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Technology: Germany seeks to Discipline Telegram Messaging, Nest to Complotists

Sci-Fi-Hit Despite Netflix out of stream: There are Star Trek Discovery Season 4 in Germany

 Sci-Fi-Hit Despite Netflix out of stream: There are Star Trek Discovery Season 4 in Germany You can stream Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 after the Netflix-out now in Germany. We explain the two options for fans of the Science Fiction series. © Netflix / CBS Sci-Fi Hit Despite Netflix-out: Here's Star Trek Discovery Season 4 in Germany after initial confusion, there are now clarity about the publication of Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 in Germany . Although the science fiction series is no longer part of the Netflix catalog.

Logo de l'application de la messagerie cryptée Telegram prise sur un téléphone le 8 novembre 2021 à Moscou © Kirill KudryAVTsev Logo of the Application of Encrypted Messaging Telegram Taken on a Telephone November 8, 2021 in Moscow

Propagation of Compotential Theories or Calls to Murder: The Encrypted Telegram messaging, particularly popular with anti-vaccine movements, is in the viewfinder of the German authorities who accuse him of not acting against the dissemination of hateful comments.

Vaccination opponents of VVID-19 have been mobilized for weeks in Germany where they regularly demonstrate throughout the country during gatherings sometimes accompanied by incidents.

The voltage may still show a notch while the issue of compulsory vaccination arrives Wednesday at the Bundestag. No bill has yet been tabled in Parliament, but members will start preliminary discussions on the vaccine obligation, supported by Chancellor Olaf Scholz, but divides society and political class.

"Covering" and "Revolution" required: AfD Bayern due to Telegram Group under pressure

 The Bavarian AFD device is massively under pressure due to an internal chat with partially radical content. Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) sees the question of observation of individual Member and Party as a whole new. Green and SPD called an observation of the AFD indispensable. © dpa members of the AFD in Bavaria are to have exchanged public news in a telegram group.

In this electrical context, the "hate propagators" are in the viewfinder of the government and more particularly the Encrypted Telegram messaging.

The Minister of Justice, Nancy Faeser, wants to present an action plan from here to compel the platform to delete hate messages and identify their authors.

Some "Anti-Vax" focus groups bring up to 200,000 people, according to a Count of AFP.

Failure of cooperation, the minister does not exclude the pure and simple prohibition of application in Germany.

Before that "All other options must have failed," she said, recognizing that European cooperation was needed on this sensitive subject.

Mid-December, the German police led searches and seized weapons at a RAID in Dresden (West) after the dissemination of dead threats, on a telegram anti-vaccine chain, the Minister-President of the Land.

"Playground" of the AntiVax, the Telegram Messaging in the viewfinder of the German authorities

 © LP / Arnaud Journals in Germany, the law obliging social networks with at least two million users to fight against criminal content, Does not apply to encrypted messaging such as Telegram. LP / Arnaud Journals of false sanitary passes, testimonials from controversial doctors and even the addresses of mandatory vaccination members ... Here is an example of shared content in the German antivax groups via the Telegram application.

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had promised to lead an implacable struggle against a "minority of extremists".

- "Free Thinkers" -

Germany voted in 2017 a controversial law strengthening its arsenal against threats on the Internet: it forces from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to remove the criminal content and report to the police in order to prosecute.

Facebook had announced last September the removal of accounts, pages and groups related to the groupuscule of "free thinkers" in Germany, a movement hostile to restrictions intended to fight against CVIV-19.

"Because large platforms like Facebook no longer allow racist hatred, anti-Semite and far-right contents like negationism, people who want to broadcast it looking for new means. Currently, the most popular in Germany is Telegram" , explains to AFP Simone Rafael, Digital Manager of the Foundation of the Fighting Racism Amadeu Antonio.

Exit from Party and Group: Why the AFD in the Bundestag loses two deputies

 Exit from Party and Group: Why the AFD in the Bundestag loses two deputies , the other due to "border crossings", the other because of chat messages at Telegram: Uwe Witt and Johannes Huber leave the AFD Group. © Photo: Imago Images / Christian Spicker The deputy Uwe Witt. shrinks the AFD Group in the Bundestag . As known on Thursday, the two deputies Uwe Witt and Johannes Huber leave both the party and the faction - but for completely different reasons. WITT belongs to the less radical bearing of the in parts of right-wing extremists AFD.

If Facebook has an interest in collaborating with the German authorities and has gradually been subject to national legislation, it is not the case of Telegram, according to the researcher who specifies that the majority of its users have nothing to do With the anti-vaccine movement.

"Telegram does not cooperate with judicial or security authorities, not even on indisputably punishable and reprehensible topics such as child pornography," says Rafael, believing that "this deprives the state of any capacity".

Many requests for content removals sent by the German Federal Office of the German Criminal Police (BKA) to the platform have remained so far dead letter.

- Censorship? -

Another possibility would be to require Google or Apple to remove it from their download catalog. However, it would not affect users already having the application.

For Mrs. Rafael, the only way to overcome the service is to prohibit it completely in Germany.

It would then be the first Western country to opt for such a radical measure against the courier created in 2013 by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Dourov, two opponents of the Russian President Vladimir Putin who sought to avoid the supervision of the secret services of their country.

Prohibitions and regulations against Telegram already exist in China, India or Russia.

"Such actions would send a very bad signal, warns the Markus Reuter digital journalist." Because on one side we celebrate the absence of Telegram censorship and its importance for democratic movements in Belarus and Iran and D On the other hand, we want to deactivate this service here "in Germany.


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