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Technology: Facebook would abandon its Cryptomonnaie Diem

Attention to false (or old) images around the current drought at Kenya

 Attention to false (or old) images around the current drought at Kenya © Observers Images published on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram claim to show animals victims of drought in Kenya while Kenya has been struck since several Month by a new episode of drought, Internet users provide support to the country of East Africa via social networks. Publications accompanied by photos of thirsty animals multiply with the hashtag #prayforkenya ("Pray for Kenya" in French).

Facebook abandonnerait son projet de cryptomonnaie Diem project © Esther Vargas / Flickr Facebook abandoned its Cryptomonnaie Diem project according to Bloomberg, the mother's house of Facebook has started talks to sell DIEM because of regulatory pressures.

Is it soon the end of Diem, the cryptomonnaie project indexed on the dollar initially known as Libra? This article of Bloomberg suggests that Meta Platforms Inc., the mother-house of Facebook , would try to sell the assets of DIEM because of regulatory pressures.

citing sources close to the file that do not want "not to be identified because the discussions are not public", Bloomberg explains that

Meta is currently studying the sale of its assets, and would assess the way it could "sell the best. Intellectual Property "In order to" return capital to its members "who have invested in the cryptomonnaie. The lifting of scrubs of the

USA: abandonment of negotiations to compensate the families of separate migrants

 USA: abandonment of negotiations to compensate the families of separate migrants © AFP / Archives the United States Government has abandoned the negotiations to financially compensate the families of migrants separated at the border with Mexico because of Mexico. The "zero tolerance" policy of the former President Donald Trump, said representatives of both parties.

regulators, however, the Facebook project, initiated in 2019, had aroused enthusiasm in its infancy. 'Idea was to create a stable digital currency aimed at revolutionizing global financial services. But the founder of Facebook,

Mark Zuckerberg , had hit a lifting of shields from central banks, regulators and policy makers. , including the risk to the stability of the financial system, the fight against money laundering or the protection of personal data. Several weight partners, including PA Ypal, Visa and Mastercard, had ended up doing back machine and had removed from the project.

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Diem . Despite many discussions between DIEM defenders and the Federal Reserve, the US Central Bank (Fed), the project had finally not allowed, "the Fed is not comfortable with the project," Specifies Bloomberg. Contacted by the US media, nor the Central Bank, NI META and DIEM, did not like to comment on this information.

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