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Technology: Google sets advertising in Russia - Intel stops deliveries

Ukrainian Canadians worry about Russia conflict: ‘I’m afraid for my family’

  Ukrainian Canadians worry about Russia conflict: ‘I’m afraid for my family’ Ukrainian Canadians with families back in Ukraine are worrying about their safety as Russian aggression near the borders is stoking fears of a possible invasion.“I'm afraid for my family because there is nowhere they can go and there's nothing much they can do to protect themselves,” the 27-year-old Edmonton resident told Global News.

with Google and Intel pull back further global companies from Russia. The reason for this is the start of attack started by Russia on Ukraine.

Google. © Ymgerman / Shutterstock Google.

The Chiprese Intel exposes all deliveries to customers in Russia after attacking Ukraine. Belarus also supports Russian invasion in Ukraine is no longer supplied as the US Group announced on Friday. Intel is the most important provider of processors and servers in data centers.

also Google sets its ad business in Russia until further notice. Affected is advertising both in the environment of the Internet search as well as in the video platform Youtube, the Group communicated, among other things, to the US station CNBC. Previously, Google had only blocked certain ads around the war.

As a further tech company, the apartment mediator Airbnb stopped its activities in Russia and Belarus, as company boss Brian Chesky wrote at Twitter. Among other things, Apple deliveries had already set his equipment to Russia and services in the country.

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