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Technology: Apple share: Apple's Siri with new voice version

podcast. "The vulgar register as an oratory weapon": what does the voice of Philippe Poutou reveal?

 podcast. © Georges Gobet / AFP What does the voice of Philippe Poutou reveal? The voice largely reflects everyone's personality. It is also a determining tool in the speech of those who sprigked the Elysée in 2022. On this occasion, our audio series "He was a voice" draws the vocal portrait of the candidates. Listen to our episode dedicated to Philippe Poutou. The political program does not do everything. You must also know how to say it. Intonation, rhythm, flow, articulation, height, intensity, stamp.

With the new iOS update, Siri gets a new voice option that represents a gender-neutral version.

Servais Mont/Getty Images © Provided by Servais Mont / Getty Images New iOS Update

With the latest iOS update 15.4, there are some innovations for Apple devices. For example, it is now possible to use the face-ID with a mask, even if you do not wear Apple watch. For this, the Settings for Face ID & Passcode only the new switch for face-ID with mask must be activated. In addition, the health app now supports EU format for digital COVID certificates. This makes it possible to add the vaccination certificate to the "Health" and "Wallet" apps. Also new added were added the tap-to-pay function, with which iPhones can be used as a passenger terminals and a series of new emojis, including, for example, the melting face, the greeting face, the face biting face, the glass, the Beans and the X-ray image. As MacWelt explains, there is another small change, which is therefore no less significant: Siri has received a new voice, at least in the US.

"The Voice Kids 2022": Here the program without advertising look online

 It's time! The 10. Season "The Voice Kids" is running again. The popular entertainment show is the KIDS version of "The Voice of Germany" and is broadcast on SAT1. Every Friday, the talented children sing into our hearts and delight the prominent coaches Lena, Michi and Smudo, Wincent White and Alvaro. If you miss the TV charisma or has no desire for advertising , you can watch all the consequences online - and even a week before! © Sat.1 / Claudius Pflug The Voice Kids 2022 The Voice Kids 2022

Siri is said to be sex-neutral

The new voice for Siri should sound less clearly after a male or female voice, according to Axios and thus be gender-neutral. Thus, the TechRiese Apple goes another step towards diversity, which is concerned with the options for its virtual assistant. Last year, the company has added two new language options that have been recorded by two black people. Apple confirmed according to Axios that the new voice was recorded by a member of the LGBTQ + Community. However, more detailed was not published. "We are pleased to introduce a new Siri voice for English speaking, which gives users more opportunities to choose a voice that suits them. Millions of people around the world rely on Siri every day to do things, So we work because experience feels as personally as possible, "explains Apple to Axios. Whether the new variant will be available for other languages ​​is currently unclear.

So you can change Siri's voice

to change Siri's voice, you have to call on the iPhone, iPad or iPod the settings and search for "Siri & Search". Subsequently, the spoken language can be selected via "language". On "Siri voice" then the voice can be changed, with the Siri speaks. However, the new voice is only available if language and voice variant of Siri were set to US. E. Schmal / Editors

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