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Technology: Weltglückstag: These apps should make Happy

five reasons why Leverkusen Bayern beats

 five reasons why Leverkusen Bayern beats Munich - Bayer Leverkusen has been one of the top teams of the Bundesliga for decades. In away games at FC Bayern Munich, but hardly any time is to get something for the "Werkself". © Getty Florian Wirtz (Bayer Leverkusen) on Saturday ( from 15:30 in the Liveticker on ) there is a renewed attempt. Ran calls five reasons that speak for a threesome of the guests. 1.

2012, the United Nations decided to make the back of the world, ten years ago. He still celebrates his round birthday until next year, because the first time was officially committed in 2013. It was hard to find his luck with computer software, hardly someone thought. Today, however, there are apps that promise exactly. These are three of them.

Glücklichmacher-Apps bringen ihren Nutzerinnen und Nutzer auf positive Gedanken. © Roman Samborskyi / Happiness Maker apps bring their users to positive thoughts. Happify

The GlücksApp "Happify" wants to help its users, according to their own information, "to reduce stress, overcome negative thoughts and build larger resilience". To do this, the operators of the positive thinking app provide courses that are proposed individually after completing a questionnaire. To establish a positive dencroutine, 58 different main activities are to choose from, which are divided into hundreds of variations. A total of 1,200 different activities are available, from meditation to mini games to the reflected write task. How many courses users have access depends on whether they are premium users or not: the base app is free for Android and iOS for free, an annual subscription beats around 130 euros.

to Schiri Attack: Bochum checks Mug Ban

 to Schiri Attack: Bochum checks Mug Ban Munich - The VfL Bochum has announced after the clearance of the mug of a viewer on the line judge Christian Ggantmann consequences. According to a report of the "picture", the Bundesligaist even consider the ban on drinking cups on the grandstands. © Imago Mug Ban Bochum Thus, the VFL would be the first professional team of Germany, which would grab such measures. Accordingly, this week should be tuned about whether beer, coke and coffee can only be drunk outside the blocks.


Also also the app "Superbetter" available for Android and iOS sends itself to help people in positive thinking. It depends on those who have struggling with depression and other mental illness or stuck in a life crisis such as unemployment or divorce. Also "Super Better" relies on science with his methods and indicates proved to contribute to the spiritual health of his users. The app, which is also available as a website, is completely free.

Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Many people agree that the key to find happiness in meditation. But because this also wants to be learned, offers the app "Headspace: Mindful Meditation" guided meditation courses. These are aimed at both beginners of the practice as well as advanced. The aim of the app is to reduce the stress level of your users and to make for relaxation, which is also expressed in a better sleep. The inventor of the app, Andy Puddicombe, has lived for ten years as a Buddhist monk and is mostly his voice that leads through the guided meditations. The sleep meditation is also a female voice to choose from. Headspace costs 12 euros per month or 60 euros a year is available for Android and iOS.

Back to home? Völler: "You never should never say" .
Cologne - New task in the old home? Exclude Rudi Völler at least nothing before he leaves the management of the Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen after the end of the season. © AFP / Sid / Ina Fassbender Rudi Völler does not want to exclude anything for the future "Back to the roots? I've learned that: you never should never say," he said in the interview with the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". Already two years ago he said, "I'll do something crazy and become president with the kickers." Leverkusen: Ru

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