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Technology: Fake Crypto Ballet Apps Threat Iphone and Android Users

Ukrainian Ballet Star Artyom Datsishin Dies at 43 from Injuries in Russian Invasion: Report

  Ukrainian Ballet Star Artyom Datsishin Dies at 43 from Injuries in Russian Invasion: Report Artyom Datsishin was "seriously wounded" in Kyiv on Feb. 26, two days after Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, one friend saidArtyom Datsishin, a Ukrainian ballet dancer, has reportedly died after being injured during the Russian invasion.

Bitcoin (Bild: Shutterstock) © default_credit Bitcoin (Image: Shutterstock) The distribution takes place via counterfeit websites for crypto feed services. The campaign focuses on newcomers when dealing with virtual currencies.

Cybercriminal Try to steal crypto currencies from Android and iPhone users by downloading them to download malicious apps that spend as services for crypto money exchanges.

Researchers of ESET have identified more than 40 counterfeit websites that should look like the popular cryptoges sites. In fact, however, you should use users to download counterfeit versions of the associated apps that contain malware. New users of crypto currencies seem to be particularly affected. The websites are specifically geared to addressing mobile users.

Kazakhstan combats illegal crypto mining

 Kazakhstan combats illegal crypto mining After Kazakhstan had problems with the power supply because too many crypto currencies were shaped, the country now fights the illegal crypto mining. Apparently, the Kazakh government has meanwhile launched the illegal mining activities of more than 100 companies. © Provil by Daniel Roland / AFP / Getty Images • Last year, many Bitcoin miners from China are emigrated to Kazakhstan and have driven the country's power consumption in height • To ensure the power supply, Kazakhstan goe

The attackers use online advertising, which is switched to legitimate crypto and blockchain websites to direct traffic to malicious crypto diet wallet downloads. The hintermen of the attacks - which, according to researchers in Chinese, also use the messaging app telegram to look for partners who help in disseminating the malware. Some of these links are also divided into Facebook groups, along with step-by-step video videotostorials, as the fake wallets work and how to steal crypto currency from the victims.

Android users are prompted to download the Fake Crypt Diet websites to download the app from Google Play, although it is actually downloaded from the server's server's server. After downloading, the app must be installed manually by the user. While many of these apps come from third-party pages, according to ESET researchers in January, 13 malicious apps were removed in connection with the campaign from the Google Play Store itself.

Since the attackers are not possible to upload the malicious apps to the App Store of Apple , instead forward the potential victims on third-party websites from which you can download them. To ensure that the malicious apps are successfully installed, warnings and notifications are used to encourage the user to bypass the default protection measures of the iPhone and install unchecked apps.

The small rats of the Paris Opera returned with the euphoria of the .
scene after two years without being able to rise on stage, because of the pandemic, the small rats of the Paris opera are back. During five exceptional evenings, they will interpret classic and abstract ballets. © Provided by FranceInfo Two years that the small rats of the Paris Opera had not presented their annual show, due to pandemic: at the Garnier Palace, the students of the School of Danse renew with the euphoria from the scene.

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