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Technology: help these tips and tricks if Google Maps does not work

Google sets advertising in Russia - Intel stops deliveries

 Google sets advertising in Russia - Intel stops deliveries with Google and Intel pull back further global companies from Russia. The reason for this is the start of attack started by Russia on Ukraine. © Ymgerman / Shutterstock Google. The Chiprese Intel exposes all deliveries to customers in Russia after attacking Ukraine. Belarus also supports Russian invasion in Ukraine is no longer supplied as the US Group announced on Friday. Intel is the most important provider of processors and servers in data centers.

If the world's most widespread map app google maps does not work as usual, this is in most cases easy to solve problems. Therefore, keep calm and take the necessary steps.

ASIF HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images © Provided by ASIF Hassan / AFP / Getty Images What if Google Maps does not work?

Google Maps - A navigation app that is much more than just that. For many users, Google's card app is an irreplaceable companion. That's why the one or the other user also comes to sweating when the application is no longer working. But panic does not have to break out if you know which technical tricks and tricks can be applied to get to Google Maps to run again.

Google Halts Ad Sales in Russia as Restrictions Grow

  Google Halts Ad Sales in Russia as Restrictions Grow Google parent Alphabet said on Thursday it has suspended all online advertising sales in Russia, pausing search, YouTube and Display effective immediately. In a statement to TheWrap, the company said, "In light of the extraordinary circumstances, we're pausing Google ads in Russia. The situation is evolving quickly, and we will continue to share updates when appropriate." This update to stop ad sales applies to Russian state-funded publisher sites, apps, YouTube channels and advertisers, Google told TheWrap.

The most popular navigation app is used daily by many millions of users, accordingly, it is worrying if it does not work if necessary. The factors are often of different nature and can occur both on the smartphone and on the computer.

Following the most common problems and possible solutions are listed so that Google Maps can be used as quickly as possible, it should no longer work fully.

Google Maps On the smartphone

, Google Maps should not work as usual, but it's many cases to simple control errors or google themselves.

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First and foremost, the own internet connection should be checked, for this purpose, a look at the network display of the smartphone can range. However, if this indicates to be connected to the Internet, you should test the connection using another app or browser. If the connection setup works with other applications easily, the problem is not on the internet connection. GPS, mobile data and WLAN should be activated.

The Google Giant Accused of Racial Discrimination in the United States

 The Google Giant Accused of Racial Discrimination in the United States © - Marcio Jose Sanchez Google's California headquarters in Mountain View. A former employee complained Friday against Google. She accuses the firm of having underpaid it and dismissed abusively. His lawyers accuse the group of large-scale discrimination against African Americans.

Then server problems could be responsible for problems by Google. This can be checked by short research because Google reports publicly about general problems. If this is the case, then only helps to wait.

But also an outdated version of the application can cause the app to no longer work as usual. Accordingly, Google Maps should receive the latest update via the respective App Store.

Do not lead all these measures to the desired result, the error source could still be in the general settings of the terminal. For Android, you can delete data via Settings> Apps> Google Maps> Data that deletes cache and app data. For iOS you would have to delete and reinstall the app.

Google Maps On the PC

Also on the PC you should systematically work out a checklist if Google Maps does not work.

As with the smartphone, the computer should also be tested on the computer as the connection to the Internet, because connection problems to the router are a frequently occurring dilemma. If the PC can connect an Internet connection, it is necessary to check the installed versions of Flash Player and DirectX. If an update is available, this should be installed.

The Internet browser can also be a problem source, this should be checked for updates. Maybe too many tabs are also open at the same time and the computer is slightly overloaded with the execution of Google Maps. The installed cookies can also paralyze Google Maps, accordingly they should be deleted. If everything does not apply, it can help to use another browser.

Maybe the general performance of the PC is no longer sufficient to fully perform Google Maps. Whether this is the case can be tested with the Light mode of Google Maps. This consumes less computing power than the full version of the card application. Henry Ely / Editorial

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