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Technology: iPhone Trick: So people disappear in the background of their photos

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photos of busy places are tricky - not infrequently, many people are in the background. With this iPhone Trick you will be los

Diesen iPhone-Fototrick müssen Sie kennen GETTY IMAGES © Getty Images This iPhone photo trick you need to know Getty Images

Everyone knows it: Posing on a busy place for a photo or shoots a photo of the loved ones, then it can be frequently Do not avoid that foreign people are visible in the background. If you bother that, we have the ultimate iPhone trick ready with which you can remove people inconspicuously from the background. We discovered the iPhone-trick on the Tikok account of the Creator Kayo Daniel.

How it works

the most important thing: so that the trick works, you should necessarily keep as quiet as possible and do not move. Then it is important to record the image with the Live Photo Function . Then go to the picture gallery, select the photo of your choice and click the light gray arrow next to "Live". Then select "Long-term exposure" in the drop-down menu - and the people should disappear from the background.

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Here you can watch the step-by-step instructions in the video again.

Die Langzeitbelichtung klappt nur, wenn Sie ein Live-Foto aufnehmen SCREENSHOT/TIKTOK © Screenshot / TikTOK The long-term exposure only works if you record a live photo Screenshot / TKTOK

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