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Technology: "We are standing with a puzzle": Krasses Mars phenomenon shocks experts

The moon before March: the new NASA mega-fusée takes off on Monday

 The moon before March: the new NASA mega-fusée takes off on Monday © AFP/Archives U does not mission six weeks in space, in preparation for more than a decade, launched in front of tens of thousands of thousands Spectators: the new NASA rocket, the most powerful in the world, has to take off on Monday for the first time since Florida, direction the moon. Fifty years after Apollo's last flight, the Mission Artémis 1 must mark the launch of the American program back on the Moon, which should allow humanity to then reach Mars, aboard the same vessel.

If scientists can only be amazed and puzzled what happened, conspiracy theories quickly arise. What is happening on Mars?

NASA-Sonde © Imago / Zuma Wire NASA probe

For three and a half years now, the NASA probe "Insight" has been on the surface of Mars and measures the seismic activities of the Red Planet. So far there has not been much to be recorded, because the Mars surface does not have a flat tectonics , as is the case on Earth, reports SPIEGEL (payment barrier).

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Simon Stähler "Insight" evaluates whether the current events are pretty flabbergasted: "Mars has no tectonic plates and the small quakes so far were probably related to volcanism. We do not yet know what the current event has triggered in detail Puzzle." strongest extraterrestrial quake

Stähler and his colleagues of an international team, evaluate the data returned to Earth in order to understand the development of terrestrial planets and whether Marsquakes or meteorite impacts are an

danger to space travel . On May 5, the earth shaked properly, comparable to a tremor 5 on Earth.

Stähler classifies the event for us: "An astronaut would have felt this very clearly at the epicenter. A flat earthquake of this magnitude can already lead to the collapse of buildings or slope slips on Earth. This is really dangerous!" He comes to the realization: "It is the most powerful quake that has ever been detected on another celestial body."

The scientists puzzle

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a guess that could have triggered the strong quake, the

is impact of a large celestial body on Mars. That should have been a really powerful chunk, because the shock waves of the quake ran around the Mars for about nine hours, as the NASA probe measured.

What is a normal process on Earth has never been observed on Mars.

Vulcanism is therefore also considered a possible cause, but this could also not be verified . So the entire process remains a mystery.

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it could remain, because now a lot of dust has subsided on the sun detectors of "Insight", which the energy generation to maintain the function of the function Sonde

is more and more impaired and possibly already made bals completely impossible. And not all data about the mysterious Mars quake have yet been returned.

Men's thing stays on the ball and will report how the situation on Mars is developing.

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