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Technology: WhatsApp for Windows: New functions on an approach

Report: Surface of the Surface Duo leans with Android 12L to Windows 11 on

 Report: Surface of the Surface Duo leans with Android 12L to Windows 11 on © provided by Dr. Windows Surface Duo cover picture Microsoft is currently preparing the second large system update for its Android smartphones: Android 12L will soon receive both generations of the Surface Duo. According to a report, the surface will take bond bonds at Windows 11 at various points in order to signal the "relationship". Like WindowsCentral writes, Microsoft will use his “Fluent Design” in its own adjustments to Android.

WhatsApp Titelbild © provided by Dr. Windows WhatsApp cover

The recently renewed WhatsApp client for Windows is upgraded with new functions that can already be seen in the beta version. However, only one of the two innovations can be used.

The calls receive a separate section in the left navigation bar. Anyone who often uses WhatsApp to make calls is easier to access this function. My call list is empty, so there is no more to see for me.

Neue Funktionen für WhatsApp © provided by Dr. Windows New functions for WhatsApp

The second innovation, which is indicated on the screenshot above, are "self -discussions". You already know this from other messenger apps: If you want to secure something quickly, you can simply send yourself a message yourself. So far, however, this innovation can only be seen, if you click on your own name, nothing happens.

The beta version of WhatsApp can be loaded from the Microsoft Store and used in parallel to the productive version.

WhatsApp Beta (free, Microsoft Store) →

Goodnotes: Developer Start waiting list for the test of the Windows app .
© provided by Dr. Windows Goodnotes cover picture The fact that the notes app Goodnotes very popular in the Apple ecosystem would also find their way to Windows was known a little longer. The developers are now going one step further and start the early beta with an waiting list before the official start in the coming year. The Windows app with the siblings is not yet at eye level. During the (still closed) beta phase, goodnotes for Windows will be used free of charge.

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