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Technology: Curios when looking at Kassel: On Google there is still Documenta

"ZDF Magazin Royale": Böhmermann publishes alleged Hessian NSU files

 The platform "Question the State" and "ZDF Magazin Royale" by Jan Böhmermann said that Hessian NSU files have been released as secret. "We believe that the public has the right to find out exactly what is in those documents that were originally supposed to remain secret for more than a century," says the website set up. © dpa Jan Böhmermann To protect the sources, the files were completely typed and a new document was created in order not to leave digital traces, wrote Böhmermann on Twitter.

Ansicht bei Google Earth: Hier ist noch documenta. Screenshot: Google eArth © private View at Google Earth: Here is Documenta. Screenshot: Google Earth Curios When looking at Kassel: On Google, Documenta

is the virtual globe of Google Earth shows pictures from turbulent days. The scaffolding of the Taring Padi banner can still be seen on Friedrichsplatz.

Kassel - If you look at the world from above, you may be happy about a change of perspective, but it is not always up to date. Sometimes the time seems to have stopped somewhere at lofty heights. At least there is astonishment among those who use Google Earth's virtual globe and want to look like a bird on Kassel on the Internet.

At some point the Friedrichsplatz can be recognized-and lo and behold: there is also a scaffold in front of the documenta hall and many small displays. On closer inspection, it can be stated that there are views from turbulent days when the debate about a banner by the Indonesian artist collective Taring Padi was in full swing. In short: there is still documenta on Google. What's going on there?

High hurdles for cannabis ordinance at the expense of health insurance

 High hurdles for cannabis ordinance at the expense of health insurance for the regulation of cannabis at the expense of statutory health insurance, high requirements apply. The patient's disease has to "stand out from average diseases", as the Federal Social Court (BSG) in Kassel decided on Thursday. According to this, the treating doctors have to justify why other therapies are not considered. (AZ: B1KR21/21R and other) © Fadel Senna for the regulation of cannabis at the expense of statutory health insurance apply high requirements.

Indeed, the virtual sightseeing flight via Kassel still takes place completely at the time of Documenta 15 on the American company's Internet offer. The Ahoi beer garden is also easy to see-just like the hut from old clothing waste in the Karlsaue. And there is also the Banner of Taring Padi, although: Whoever continues to zoom in in the direction of Friedrichsplatz come, there are doubts as to whether the controversial banner is still hanging or has already been covered or removed.

shortly after the opening of the D 15 in June 2022, the work of art was criticized because it contained motifs with anti -Semitic visual language. It was therefore left behind in the first documenta week. Therefore, there were only a few days to take these recordings from above. Now you can still be seen on Google Earth. Coincidence?

Google writes on request that Google Germany cannot explicitly comment on such individual cases. In general, however, it is the case that satellite images on Google Earth and also in the online card service Google Maps are created by a number of providers, including public, state and commercial sources. When determining the optimal images, Google takes many factors into account such as the date, resolution and clarity.

one can be said: The pictures of Kassel, which can currently be seen, can be narrowed down at least in terms of time. (Florian Hagemann)

Historical State Visit: Wolodymyr Selenskyj as a guest in the White House .
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