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Weekend Reads: Fishing: London complains of French threats and is considering "actively" an appeal

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Emmanuel Macron discute avec Boris Johnson pendant le sommet du G20, le 30 octobre 2020. © AFP - Ludovic Marin Emmanuel Macron discusses with Boris Johnson during the G20 summit, October 30, 2020.

while Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron must To meet, Sunday, on the progress of the G20, the British Prime Minister complained on Saturday of "completely unjustified" threats of Paris on fishing licenses.

The iron arm continues between London and Paris around fishing licenses. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, complained Saturday, October 30, with the leader of the European Executive, Ursula von der Leyen, "completely unjustified" threats of Paris on the issue and assured "actively" a Procedure for the first time.

Post-Brexit fishing licenses. "Climbing is not due to France," says Jean Castex

 Post-Brexit fishing licenses. © Vincent Mouchel / West-France Jean Castex, the Prime Minister, in full exchange with Olivier Le Neleset, President of the Fishing Port of Lorient and the Regional Fisheries Committee.

This novel rise in tensions occurs on the eve of a meeting scheduled, Sunday, between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron and the day after the summons by London of the French Catherine Ambassador Catherine Colonna.

During a meeting with Ursula von der Leyen at the G20 summit in Rome, Boris Johnson informed his "concerns about the French Government Rhetoric" on this flammable topic between France and the UK.

For its part, Ursula von der Leyen tweeted that the commission was "intensely engaged to find solutions".

France complains in the United Kingdom to grant too little post-merxit licenses to its fishermen. She promised for lack of improvement to prohibit from Tuesday to British fishing vessels to land their cargo in French ports and strengthen customs controls of trucks.

a meeting Sunday between Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron

Post-Brexit Conflict on Fishing. London threatens to strengthen European boat controls

 Post-Brexit Conflict on Fishing. London threatens to strengthen European boat controls © Quemener Yves-Marie / West-France A fisherman's boat in Brest. Illustration The conflict concerning fisheries licenses granted to French fishermen by the United Kingdom continues. The British threatened Friday to strengthen European boats controls in British waters. The United Kingdom threatened Friday to strengthen the controls of European boats in the British waters in response to the retaliation measures announced by France in the dispute on post-Brexit fishing licenses. .

far from calming before the G20, the tension is still mounted Friday with the threat of London to implement "rigorous controls" on European boats fresh in its waters, if Paris effectively puts its threats on execution.

For the G20 family photo, Boris Johnson arrived by greeting Emmanuel Macron in an overly combative way, but the two men did not seem to talk to each other. They must do it on Sunday face-to-face.

The French President estimated in an interview to the Financial Times as the "credibility" of the United Kingdom is at stake.

towards a procedure against Paris?

The post-Brexit agreement, concluded in extremis End 2020 between London and Brussels, provides that European fishermen can continue to work in some British waters under certain conditions.

London claims to have 98% of the applications for EU vessel licenses to fish in its waters, a figure challenged by France, which is 90%.

Post-Brexit Fishing: London's "credibility" is at stake, esteem Emmanuel Macron

 Post-Brexit Fishing: London's © Bloomberg / Getty Images Post-Brexit Fishing: London "credibility" is at stake, estimates Emmanuel Macron while threats Reprisals fuse on each side of the Channel around fishing licenses, the French head of state spoke, Friday, October 29. The French President Emmanuel Macron considered that the "credibility" of the United Kingdom was at stake in the post- Brexit disputes on fishing licenses and the North Irish protocol, in an interview at the Financial Times published Friday, October 29th.

Boris Johnson said on Saturday that he was ready to activate for the first time a conflict settlement tool provided for in the post-Brexit agreements with the EU.

"No, of course not, I do not exclude it," Boris Johnson told the Sky News chain on the G20 margin. "If there is a violation of the treaty or if we believe that there is a violation of the treaty, then we will do what is necessary to protect the British interests".

"But I think what everyone wants is cooperation between the European Allies and Emmanuel Macron," he added.

In a series of tweets, the British Secretary of State in charge of Brexit, David Frost, brought back to indicating that London is planning "actively" to launch the dispute resolution procedure. He called on the European Union and France to give up the "rhetoric and actions that make the situation more difficult, called" anxiety "and the" surprise "of London to the terms employed by the Prime Minister Français Jean Castex in a letter to Ursula von der Leyen, who was deeply reacting to London.

In this letter revealed by Politico, the leader of the French Government considers that it is "essential to clearly show the European public opinions that the respect of the subscribed commitments is not negotiable and that there is more damage to leave. European Union to remain ".

In this context, a British boat suspected of illegal fishing in the French waters was still in quay in Le Havre Saturday pending the payment of 150,000 euros of deposit. His captain must be judged in August next.

Before the opening of the COP26 on the climate Sunday in Glasgow, Boris Johnson considered that the conflict on the fishing "is frankly of the cat pee, accessory, in comparison with the threat against the humanity to which we are confronted" .

with AFP

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Fishing. Paris calls for a "fast solution" after a new meeting with Great Britain .
© Stephane MAHE / Reuters Trawlers sail off the fishing port of Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, France, November 3, 2021 . Tuesday, November 9, 2021, a new meeting took place between Paris and London regarding fishing tensions in post-Brexit context. "A quick solution must be found," said Clement Beaune.

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