Weekend Reads: The Russian intelligence services deny any invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine: Zelensky pointed in the failure of a special operation off standards

 Ukraine: Zelensky pointed in the failure of a special operation off standards © FranceInfo Russian mercenaries of the Wagner group (here in Central African Republic): The Ukrainian President is suspected of having done a transaction of his services Security to violate Wagner's mercenary actions in Ukraine.

« Les Américains brossent un tableau terrifiant avec des hordes de chars russes s’apprêtant à écraser des villes ukrainiennes, assurant qu’ils ont des informations fiables sur de telles intentions de la Russie », a déclaré le SVR dans un communiqué. REUTERS/Baz Ratner © Baz Ratner "Americans brush a terrifying painting with hordes of Russian tanks preparing to crush Ukrainian cities, ensuring that they have Reliable information on such Russia's intentions, "said SVR in a statement. Reuters / BAZ RATNER Game of Dipes? The Russia External Intelligence Service (SVR) has qualified on Monday "Absolutely False" the assertions that Moscow would prepare an invasion of Ukraine , after several Western countries had expressed concern. "The Americans brush a terrifying painting with hordes of Russian tanks preparing to crush Ukrainian cities, ensuring that they have reliable information on such intentions of Russia," said the SVR in a statement transmitted to Russian news agencies. The United States provides to their allies "absolutely false information on a concentration of forces (Russians) on our territory for a military invasion of Ukraine," he added. These statements, unusual by Russian secret services, intervene in full climbing tensions between Moscow and Western countries about Ukraine. The United States, NATO and the European Union have expressed their deep concern over the movements of Russian troops around Ukraine, who has been in conflict since 2014 with Prorussian separatists in the east of the country . The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated on Saturday that the United States had "serious concerns about unusual military activities of Russia at the border with Ukraine." The 2014 War in Ukraine, who had erupted shortly after the annexation of Crimea by Moscow, made more than 13,000 dead so far. Russia is widely regarded as the military sponsor of Prorussian separatists, which she denies. Russia accuses the Ukraine of "increasing provocations" Moscow has several times denied any hostile project towards Ukraine, the Kremlin denounces Sunday a "hysteria" American. "Any movement of Russian troops within the limits of our territory represents a threat to anyone and should not worry anyone," tried to reassure Monday the spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov. He in return accused Ukraine of "increasing provocations", with the "use of weapons provided (in Kiev) by NATO countries" . Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin had accused Westerners of stirring tensions at the eastern borders of Ukraine and Black Sea by conducting military exercises. He also said that Western bombers had approached 20 km from Russia. These tensions are part of a broader context of multiplication of tension topics between Washington and Moscow, despite the appeasement of Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden. The United States has lasted Russia in recent days for its "influence" with Belarus in the crisis of migrants at the gates of the European Union and have denounced a Russian anti-hellite missile shot judged "dangerous and irresponsible".

NORAD commander warns Canadian officials about the threat posed by hypersonic missiles .
NORAD commander Gen. Glen VanHerck warned top Canadian government and military leaders Tuesday about the threat hypersonic missile technology poses to North American security, saying it's making it "very challenging" for him to carry out his mission. Visiting Canada for the first time since taking command of the continental defence organization last year, VanHerck gave officials in Ottawa what he called a "candid" risk assessment — one day after Russia said it had successfully tested another of its hypersonic cruise missiles. Hypersonic missiles can travel at more than five times the speed of sound and have vast ranges.

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