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Weekend Reads: Ukraine: Moscow doubts the usefulness of new talks with the West

Conflict in Ukraine: the United States warns Russia of a risk of "confrontation" before the start of the

 Conflict in Ukraine: the United States warns Russia of a risk of talks continually mounted in Ukraine © Sergei Supinsky / AFP the crisis in Ukraine continues and the United States. United close up close to crisis - tensions constantly mounted in Ukraine American Secretary Antony Blinken warned this Sunday Russia of a risk of "confrontation" before the beginning of under high talks Voltage in Geneva on the situation in Ukraine .

La secrétaire générale de l'OSCE, Helga Maria Schmid veut croire à la voie diplomatique. AFP/ALEX HALADA. © Valery Hache OSCE Secretary General, Helga Maria Schmid wants to believe in the diplomatic channel. AFP / Alex Halada. Diplomacy is close to Moscow. While Russian troops are massaged at the Ukrainian border, the Kremlin Ministry of Foreign Affairs sees immediately utility to a new round of discussions with the West. Deep discrepancies on Russian safety requirements . "Without clarifying if there is (...) flexibility reserves on the other side on important topics, there is no reason to start the table (negotiations) in the coming days , meet again and start again the same discussions, "said the Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Riabkov, in an interview with Russian RTVI chain. This declaration occurs on the merits of a meeting in Vienna of the Permanent Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the third and final sequence of an intense diplomatic ballet to defuse the risk of a Conflict in Ukraine . The OSCE wants to "rebuild confidence and cooperation" "It is imperative to find, through the diplomatic channel, a way to stop climbing and start rebuilding trust, transparency and cooperation," said the OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmid, evoking "an urgent need" in the face of "an unpredictable environment". The OSCE, a multilateral platform for East-West discussions from the Cold War, "is a unique place for that," she insisted. "Each of the 57 Member States has a seat around the table." The international organization is also responsible for monitoring compliance of Minsk peace agreements in the rebellious oriental part of Ukraine. "However, the surveillance missions have for the moment were not detected from abnormal on the territory", but at the border, "it is impossible for us to know what is happening", according to the American ambassador to the 'OSCE Michael Carpenter. These troop movements "are part of the pressure" exercised by Moscow to obtain satisfaction with his requests, but there is no question of negotiating under pressure, "said the head of the European diplomacy Josep Borrell. The "three key demands" of Russia Monday, Sergei Riabkov had stretched discussions in Geneva with his American counterpart Wendy Sherman. Wednesday, NATO and Moscow held talks in Brussels, making the observation of their profound "differences" on security in Europe. Russia, which ensures that it does not "intend" to attack Ukraine, claims the signing of treaties banning any future enlargement of NATO, the non-deployment of offensive arms near Russia and drastic reduction Western military cooperation and maneuvers in Eastern Europe. "These three claims are key," said the leader of Russian Diplomacy Sergei Lavrov at the Russian chain Pervyi Kanal. According to him, Westerners promised written answers next week. Sanctions against Putin Wednesday, a project of sanctions against the Russian President Vladimir Putin in case of aggression of Ukraine was presented in the United States, an initiative that "would cross a limit" according to the Kremlin. "It would be equivalent to a breach of relations," denounced the spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dmitry Peskov, noting that the proposal of the US Democrat Senators "does not facilitate the establishment of a constructive atmosphere for the talks" Russo -occidentals in progress. "Russia has never folded under the weight of sanctions," Hammered, however, Jews Sergei Riabkov.

In photos: Russian military buildup near Ukraine’s borders .
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that Canada “stands with Ukrainian people” and will “always be there with the necessary supports,” after announcing a loan of up to $120 million (CAD) to the Ukrainian government amid ongoing tensions with neighbouring Russia.

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