Weekend Reads: Mégamilliardaries richer after the pandemic, Sallets Nazis in Paris, winter storm "Major" in the United States ... The news of this Monday morning

Red Storm have a bit of everything available in Tuesday's MLS SuperDraft

  Red Storm have a bit of everything available in Tuesday's MLS SuperDraft The St. John's Red Storm have a bit of everything available in Tuesday's MLS SuperDraft, complete with Canadian passports. Want to stop goals? Try towering goalkeeper Luka Gavran, a Hamilton native who stands between 6-5 and 6-6. Need to score goals? How about dangerous forward Tani Oluwaseyi of Mississauga, Ont., the 2019 Big East Offensive Player of the Year. Gavran and Oluwaseyi were part of a global Red Storm team that featured talent from Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago as well as the U.S. Other Canadians on the squad were Toronto defender Matt Chandler and Ottawa forward Nicolas Fleuriau Chateau. St.

  Mégamilliardaires plus riches après la pandémie, saluts nazis à Paris, tempête hivernale «majeure» aux Etats-Unis... L’actu de ce lundi matin © Provided by Liberation News

The megamillardaries more enriched than ever by The Pandemic of Covid-19. The reports, emanating from different sources, follow one another and make the same observation: the very rich are more and more, and the great economic bazaar caused by the pandemic has only accelerated this trend. In a new study published on Monday , the Oxfam Poverty Fighting Association measures the evolution of the fortune of billionaires in the world since March 2020. According to its calculations, based on American media assessments forbes and Corrected inflation, their cumulative heritage has increased more than in this period than in the previous fourteen years.

5 plants that are already blooming in January

 5 plants that are already blooming in January flowers in the middle of winter, in the garden and not on the windowsill: this is by no means magic! Because these 5 plants bloom in January, bring color into the cold season and increase the anticipation of spring. flowers and frost do not fit together? And whether! While the rest of the garden is still resting, the following five plants show themselves from their most beautiful side and defy the frost with delicate flowers.

"Act of terrorism" in a synagogue in Texas: the hostage taker was British. The US authorities launched Sunday an investigation "of international scope" on the British dead the day before after retaining several people in hostages for ten hours in a synagogue of Texas, an "act of terrorism" denounced by Joe Biden and the United Kingdom. The President of the United States confirmed that the suspect, identified by the FBI as the British national Malik Faisal Akram, aged 44, had "insisted to get the release of someone who is in prison for ten years" , and had "held anti-Semitic and anti-Israel comments".

China: economic growth at the highest, birth rate at the lowest. Beijing has made several statistical series on Monday. China has generated an annual growth of 8.1%, at the highest since 2012, despite a crisis in real estate and an epidemic rebound that weigh on the resumption of the Asian giant. This is the fastest pace since 2012. On the other hand, the birth rate has fallen last year to a level never reached for at least 1978. The birth rate of the most populous country in the world was 7.52 births per 1,000 people in 2021, according to the National Statistics Office. It was 8.52 per thousand in 2020.

Paris Jackson can imagine cooperation with Janet Jackson

 Paris Jackson can imagine cooperation with Janet Jackson The singer can imagine cooperation with her famous aunt very well. But concrete plans do not yet give it. © Provided by www.musikexpress.de Paris Jackson on the Amfar Gala Los Angeles 2021. The singer can imagine cooperation with her famous aunt very well. But concrete plans do not yet give it. In an interview, Paris Jackson, the daughter of the deceased Michael Jackson, has been open to a musical cooperation with her aunt Janet Jackson.

SALES Nazis in a Manif in Paris: Darmanin requests a report to justice. After the photos of dozens of people advancing the right arm tense behind their banners published on Twitter Saturday, the Ors of the organized demonstration Saturday in Paris on the initiative of Florian Philippot and its movement The Patriots, Gérald Darmanin asked The Paris Police Prefecture to report to justice. N OTLE Article. TO FOLLOW Today

Judgment of Eric Zemmour for provocation to hatred. The Paris Correctional Court makes this judgment on the Monday at the Eric Zemmour presidential candidate, judged in his absence in November for qualifying on CNEWS the miners migrants isolated from

"thieves", "assassins" , "Violeters". believing that the polemicist had been guilty of provocation to hate and racial insult, the parquet holds a prolutions of 100 days to 100 euros, or 10,000 euros fine with possibility of imprisonment in case of no -payment.

How the flouting of COVID-19 restrictions by leaders damages credibility and trust

  How the flouting of COVID-19 restrictions by leaders damages credibility and trust It's not just in Britain where stories about rule-breaking rule-makers who undermine important messaging have made headlines over the course of the pandemic.Johnson offered one such apology this past Wednesday for attending a BYOB garden party in May 2020 involving dozens of Downing Street staff, held in contravention of COVID-19 restrictions that Britons were supposed to be following at the time.

A "Major" winter storm strikes the east of the United States. Millions of Americans have been sheltered on Sunday as a "major winter storm", according to meteorological services, struck the eastern United States with its batch of snow and ice, causing power outages concerning at least 145,000 people.

"A major winter storm will hit the east of the United States between Sunday and Monday," , warned the National Weather Service. Thousands of flights have been canceled and a closed motorway portion in North Carolina. The report

in Greece, Valérie Pécresse denounces "Europe colander" and rents "the walls of barbed wire" against migrants. The Party Presidential Candidate The Republicans visited Saturday the Greek Island of Samos and the Zervou camp, dropping his positions very right on the stakes of borders and migration.

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Vincent Tiberj: "The elections will be more and more marked by intermittent and unpredictable involvement." A book led by the sociologist and his colleague Tristan high analyzes the mutations of the vote and the increase of abstention. The time of the elections that mobilized all the time and whatever the stakes are over, according to the collective of researchers.

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Karine Tuil, just. The novelist features contemporary violence in judicious societal thrillers and does not like anything as long as hiding behind his characters.

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Ukraine: a diplomatic meeting in Paris in the presence of Russia to try to lower the voltages .
© Copyright 2022, the Obs of the Russian, Ukrainian, French and German negotiators met this Wednesday, January 26 in Paris to attempt Lower Tensions between Moscow and Kiev in the so-called "Normandy" format, on the back of extreme tension at the Russo-Ukrainian border. The talks ended in the early evening.

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