Weekend Reads: Meeting Macron-Scholz: Towards a common answer to the crisis in Ukraine?

"Threats are not enough": Young liberals demand "defense weapons" for Ukraine

 The young organization of the FDP has expressed positively to possible arms deliveries in Ukraine. A war must be prevented. © Photo: Uncredited / ap / dpa A convoy of Russian armored vehicles moves on a highway in the Crimea. The young liberals (JULIS) have asked the Federal Government to deliver Ukraine according to the example of Great Britain weapons to defend against a possible attack of Russia.

L'Ukraine est au menu du premier déplacement d'Emmanuel Macron en Allemagne depuis l'élection du chancelier Olaf Scholz. Alors que les capitales occidentales commencent à rappeler leur personnel face aux tensions avec la Russie, le chef de l'Etat français se déplace à Berlin avec plusieurs objectifs en tête. © Thibault Camus / Pool / AFP Ukraine is on the menu of the first displacement of Emmanuel Macron in Germany since the election of Chancellor Olaf Scholz. While Western capitals begin to recall their staff with tensions with Russia, the French head of state moves to Berlin with several goals in mind.

Emmanuel Macron goes on Tuesday afternoon in Berlin to meet Olaf Scholz, the successor of Angela Merkel, that the head of state knows badly. On the program, a head-to-face exchange for over an hour, before dinner together, in a wider format. But while the tension has never been as high in front of Russia that threatens to invade Ukraine , the subject will necessarily be the menu of the meeting between the German Chancellor and the French president. And Emmanuel Macron has specific goals.

Scholz talks about the new Corona top interview against relaxation from

 Scholz talks about the new Corona top interview against relaxation from before the new federal-state conversations for coronalage, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has pronounced reluctance to the curvation measures. "We do not need course correction," he said the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" according to advance transfer from Sunday. "Anyway, it is certainly not appropriate to loosen the rules in the middle of the omikron wave on a broad front." © Michael Son Below Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has been pronounced against loosening in the contamination measures.

Two objectives for Emmanuel Macron

Everything has accelerated in recent hours. An adviser to the President recognizes him: "We are in a situation of very great volatility". Then the head of state has two objectives. First, trying to convince the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to follow his position in order to "be certain that one has the same analysis, especially if the situation worsens", we confide on the side of the Elysium. Except that the successor of Angela Merkel is at the head of a very divided coalition against Russia, between the anti-Russians and those who invoke the energy dependence of Germany in Russia.

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Then, the second objective of the head of state is to show the leadership of the French Presidency of the European Union and more widely from Europe, which speaks With one voice and looking for de-escalade without naivety, with a question: what do we really do if Russia invades Ukraine?

NewsBlog on Ukraine: NATO Member States Reinforce Defense in Eastern Europe

 NewsBlog on Ukraine: NATO Member States Reinforce Defense in Eastern Europe The location on the border between Ukraine and Russia is tense. Moscow has contracted about 100,000 soldiers. Ukraine and the west fear an invasion. Russia rejects this reproach and demands security guarantees. So far, all diplomatic efforts are in vain. © AP Ukrainian patrol at the border with Russia Monday, January 24 NATO Member States Reinforcing Defense in Eastern Europe 10.50 : Due to the tensions with Russia, a number of NATO Member States reinforce their military presence in Eastern Eur

End the duel biden-Putin

to finish, Emmanuel Macron tries to put Europe at the heart of the Ukrainian crisis to try to end the duel biden-Putin. Only the head of state plays big by trying to show in a practical case that his concept of sovereignty of the European Union can correspond to a political reality.

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An exceptional meeting will also take place Wednesday in Paris in the format "Normandy", between France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. And Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin will exchange in the coming days, on the initiative of the French President who hears proposing to his counterpart a descallade plan .

Catholic Church: Scholz turns off in abuse debate an .
ten days after the publication of the report for the archbishopric of Munich shows the chancellor "very shaken". He does not want to leave the Enlightenment alone the church. © Getty Images Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) demands the clarification of church abuse. Scholz turns off in abuse debate An with a temporal delay has also turned on Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) into the debate for abuse in the Catholic Church.

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