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Weekend Reads: Ukraine: a diplomatic meeting in Paris in the presence of Russia to try to lower the voltages

"No options are excluded" to respond to a Russian attack in Ukraine, announces the White House

 © Sergey Pivovarov many Russian armed means are posted not far from Ukrainian borders (illustration). Reuters / Sergey Pivovarov The tension seems to rise again a notch in this war of declarations between Russia and the United States. "We are at a stage where Russia can launch an attack in Ukraine at any time," said the White House spokesperson on Tuesday, speaking of an "extremely dangerous situation".

  Ukraine : une réunion diplomatique à Paris en présence de la Russie pour tenter de baisser les tensions © Copyright 2022, the Obs

of the Russian, Ukrainian, French and German negotiators met this Wednesday, January 26 in Paris to attempt Lower Tensions between Moscow and Kiev in the so-called "Normandy" format, on the back of extreme tension at the Russo-Ukrainian border. The talks ended in the early evening.

"It is very encouraging that the Russians have agreed to re-enter this diplomatic format, the only one where the Russians are stakeholders," said the French presidency, judging that it would give a "clear indication of the state of Spirit "of the Kremlin before the scheduled interview Friday between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin.

Ukrainian Canadians worry about Russia conflict: ‘I’m afraid for my family’

  Ukrainian Canadians worry about Russia conflict: ‘I’m afraid for my family’ Ukrainian Canadians with families back in Ukraine are worrying about their safety as Russian aggression near the borders is stoking fears of a possible invasion.“I'm afraid for my family because there is nowhere they can go and there's nothing much they can do to protect themselves,” the 27-year-old Edmonton resident told Global News.

in parallel, the United States rejected this Wednesday, in their written response to Russia, one of Moscow's main demands, refusing to close the NATO door to Ukraine, but ensure a "lane" diplomatic "to avoid a new war.

Why the spell of the planet is played in Ukraine

"All indications" that President Vladimir Putin "will make use of the military force at some point, perhaps between now and mid-February," said the Vice - American state implementation Wendy Sherman. However, she pointed out that the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games on February 4th, attended by the Kremlin Master, could influence "on his calendar", to avoid offending Chinese President Xi Jinping during this major event for China.

Tensions have stopped rising in recent months, Moscow being accused by Westerners for having deployed more than 100,000 soldiers on the Ukrainian border for an offensive potential. Russia requires guarantees for its security, including the rejection of the accession of this country to NATO.

In photos: Russian military buildup near Ukraine’s borders

  In photos: Russian military buildup near Ukraine’s borders Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday that Canada “stands with Ukrainian people” and will “always be there with the necessary supports,” after announcing a loan of up to $120 million (CAD) to the Ukrainian government amid ongoing tensions with neighbouring Russia.

"Open door"

Russians, who have addressed treaty projects to that effect to Westerners, waited for a written answer. It's american side and the Atlantic Alliance with two distinct letters put in parallel this Wednesday. But the United States has "clearly reported" that they were "determined to maintain and defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and the law of States to choose their own security provisions and their alliances," Hammered the leader of American diplomacy Antony Blinken in front of the press. The letter reaffirms "that we defend the principle of the open door to NATO," he added.

In the same way, the Secretary of State reiterated forcibly Western warnings of an unprecedented response against Russia in case of invasion of the neighboring country. However, he assured that this missive offered "a serious diplomatic path if Russia wishes," and said he was ready to speak again "in the coming days" with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov whom he met Friday in Geneva.

NewsBlog on Ukraine: NATO Member States Reinforce Defense in Eastern Europe

 NewsBlog on Ukraine: NATO Member States Reinforce Defense in Eastern Europe The location on the border between Ukraine and Russia is tense. Moscow has contracted about 100,000 soldiers. Ukraine and the west fear an invasion. Russia rejects this reproach and demands security guarantees. So far, all diplomatic efforts are in vain. © AP Ukrainian patrol at the border with Russia Monday, January 24 NATO Member States Reinforcing Defense in Eastern Europe 10.50 : Due to the tensions with Russia, a number of NATO Member States reinforce their military presence in Eastern Eur

"What Putin fears is not NATO, but freedom and democracy"

The US government proposes to revive formal negotiations on "arms control", including the issue of strategic missiles and nuclear weapons stationed in Europe.

It also evokes "the possibility of reciprocal transparency measures with regard to our military postures as well as measures to improve confidence in military exercises and maneuvers in Europe," added Antony Blinken. In parallel with this key step,

"bellicose path"

diplomacy, threats and noise of boots continue to alternate in the Ukrainian crisis. The United States has put alert on Monday some 8,500 military, which could strengthen the rapid reaction force of NATO of 40,000 men. The decision to deploy, however, has not been taken.

NATO, for its part, announced placing waiting forces and sending ships and combat aircraft to strengthen its defenses in Eastern Europe and that while Russia considers the troops of the Atlantic Alliance in His neighborhood as an existential threat.

British accusations, preoccupation and preoccupation of the Pope ... Back to tensions about Ukraine

The head of the Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, promised "necessary response measures" if the West continues on this "lane Bellicker ", denouncing a Western" hysteria "as to the supposed imminence of a Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

For its part, Kiev still considers that the number of Russian soldiers massaged at the border for a major attack.

Ukraine: Beijing defends "the concerns" of Russia .
© Vincent Isore / Maxppp / IP3 Press / Maxppp L E Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, has defended, Thursday, the "reasonable concerns" of the Russia for his safety, during a telephone exchange with his American counterpart Antony Blinken about the Ukraine . "We call all parties to calm, to refrain from increasing tensions and rising the crisis in pin," said Wang Yi, according to a statement broadcast by his department.

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