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Weekend Reads: Syria: Kurds resume a prison six days after a jihadist assault

Dialogue in Chad: Liberations of members of armed groups and inmates of common law

 Dialogue in Chad: Liberations of members of armed groups and inmates of common law © Getty Ndjamena Central Prison (here in 2007) in Chad. (Picture of illustration) It is a measure of decree decided by the transitional authorities. The detainees were released, Tuesday, January 18, 2022, from Klessoum's home not far from the capital. The power had voted an amnesty law at the end of the year for people convicted for rebellious facts.

  Syrie: les Kurdes reprennent une prison six jours après un assaut jihadiste © AFP

L Kurds forces supported by the United States in Syria resumed Wednesday the total control of a large prison attacked by the Group Islamic State (EI), ending the most important jihadist assault in the country in three years.

The fighting that followed the assault launched on January 20 to release jihadists from the prison in Hassaké (Northeast) controlled by the Kurdish forces, made 181 dead -124 jihadists, 50 Kurdish fighters and seven civilians-, according to The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights ( OSDH ).

They also pushed to the flight by an icy time about 45,000 people who lived in the sectors close to the Ghwayran Prison, according to the UN .

Crown wants ex-journalist Jonah Keri to serve minimum one year in domestic abuse case

  Crown wants ex-journalist Jonah Keri to serve minimum one year in domestic abuse case MONTREAL — Prosecutors want former Montreal sports writer Jonah Keri to be jailed for at least one year on domestic abuse charges, a sentencing hearing heard Thursday, while his lawyer argued against incarceration. Keri, 47, pleaded guilty Aug. 30 to charges including assault, assault with a weapon and uttering threats against his ex-wife. His victim addressed the court via video Thursday, calling her 361-day marriage a nightmare and saying the impact on her and her family was deep and pervasive. "While Mr. Keri was abusing me, I became overly compliant in an effort to survive," she said. "My survival meant I needed to keep Mr. Keri as calm as possible.

The resumption of the "total control" of the prison took place after the surrender of all the jihadists who were entrenched there, indicated Farhad Shami, spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (FDS) dominated by the Kurds and spearheads. The anti-EI struggle in Syria, country at war since 2011.

OSDH has confirmed the prison taking by Kurdish forces but stressed that they continued to rake.

More than a hundred jihadists in and out of the prison participated in the coordinated assault launched on January 20 against the detention center.

prisoners, who were mutated against the guards and served in an armory, participated in the fighting on the side of attackers who managed to infiltrate the prison.

This is the most important attack launched by the EI since its territorial defeat in Syria in 2019 against Kurdish forces. Trapped trucks and heavy weapons were used in the assault.

Justice: A trial required for two lawyers suspected of producing false

 Justice: A trial required for two lawyers suspected of producing false © Jean-Philippe Ksiazek / AFP The Paris Prosecutor's Office has required a correctional trial for two tenors of the suspected bar for producing false documents. A trial at the end of 2018 to attempt, in vain, to innocenter a European narcotor, was learned on Saturday. The two lawyers incur five years in prison.

"International Problem"

FDS has been helped by American soldiers of the International Antijahist Coalition led by Washington in their operation to regain control of the prison.

Video: Syria: Inmates of the Islamic State group go to Kurdish forces (Le Figaro)

according to the OSDH, an indeterminate number of jihadists have managed to escape from Thursday.

and more than 1,000 jihadists, who were detained or who had infiltrated during the assault in the prison, went to the Kurdish forces since January 20, according to the FDS and OSDH.

The prison sheltered at least 3,500 jihadists of different nationalities, had indicated the OSDH. The United Nations and human rights organizations have also reported hundreds of minors locked in this former converted school in the detention center. We did not know in the immediate future the fate of these miners.

Syria: 123 dead in 4 days between Kurdish forces and jihadists

 Syria: 123 dead in 4 days between Kurdish forces and jihadists The situation continues to deteriorate in Syria © Delil Souleiman / AFP A child in Syria, Illustration Daesh - The situation continues to deteriorate in Syria For the fourth day consecutive , fighting between jihadists and forces Kurds supported by the International Coalition continued to rage this Sunday in Syria with an aloudised balance of more than 120 dead.

The Kurdish forces had to "postpone (their attack on prison) because of the presence of minors and to avoid a maximum of human losses," had a Kurdish official.

Wednesday, the Kurdish autonomous administration that controls large areas of Northern and Northeast Syrian renewed with the international community its call for help, fearing that the EI is reinforced by recruiting new fighters.

"This is an international problem that we can not pay alone," said


Abdel Karim Omar, Local Officer. Calls for help Despite repeated calls from Kurds, most Western countries refuse to repatriate their citizens who are in prisons and camps, content with repatriations in the gout.

"We defeated the terrorized EI, without eliminating terrorist ideology," said Mr. Omar.

experts see in this attack against the prison a new stage towards the resurgence of the EI, which has retreated in the Syrian desert after its territorial defeat in Syria in 2019 and Iraq, neighboring countries, in 2017.

" Unless the international community provides sufficient assistance, including economic a new control of the EI on this area is not excluded, "warned Mr. Omar.

triggered in March 2011 by the repression of proprietary events, the war in Syria became complex over the years with the involvement of regional and international powers and the rise of jihadists.

The conflict made about 500,000 dead, devastated the country's infrastructure and moved millions of people.

26/01/2022 16:01:18 - Hassaked (Syria) - © 2022 AFP

Former Vancouver Canucks forward Jake Virtanen charged with sexual assault .
VANCOUVER — Former Vancouver Canucks forward Jake Virtanen has been charged with sexual assault following an investigation by authorities. Vancouver police said Thursday the B.C. Prosecution Service approved one count of sexual assault against Virtanen in relation to an incident that occurred on Sept. 26, 2017, when he was playing for the Canucks. Police launched an investigation in May 2021 after a 23-year-old woman filed a complaint. Vancouver police spokesperson Const. Tania Visintin commended the woman for coming forward. "Any time there is a personal crime, especially one of sexual nature, I can imagine how difficult that could be," Visintin said.

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