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Weekend Reads: OJ 2022. China asks the United States to "stop disturbing" the Beijing Olympic Games

NBC will not send announcers to Beijing for Winter Games

  NBC will not send announcers to Beijing for Winter Games NBC will not be sending its announcers and most hosts to the Beijing Olympics due to continued concerns about rising COVID-19 cases worldwide and China's strict policy about those who test positive. It will be the second straight Games for which the broadcast teams will work mostly out of NBC Sports headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, rather than the host city. “Something significant has changed virtually every day for the last three months, forcing us to adjust our plan numerous times. And I expect that to continue as well as the challenge of doing the Olympics,” said Molly Solomon, the head of NBC's Olympics production unit.

Le ministre des Affaires chinois, Wang Yi, a appelé les États-Unis à « cesser de perturber » les JO de Pékin. © Ishara S. Kodikara / AFP Chinese Minister Wang Yi, called the United States to " Stop disrupting the Beijing Olympics.

This Thursday, China, via its Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, called the United States to "stop disrupting" the Beijing Olympic Games, which will begin on February 4th. The US announced a diplomatic boycott of winter Olympics in China.

Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, exhorted Thursday the United States at " Stop Disturb " The Beijing Winter Olympics, during a call with his American counterpart Antony Blinken .

Diplomatic boycott

China will organize from 4 to 20 February of the Olympic Games where it hopes to show its ability to organize a great pandemic event and the progress of its athletes in winter sports. But the western pressure, especially American, has increased in recent months on Beijing, accused of violating the rights of the Chinese ethnic minority of the Uyghurs in the context of its counter-terrorism.

Column: 'Games must go on' spiel grows weaker by the day

  Column: 'Games must go on' spiel grows weaker by the day The Olympic Charter runs 112 pages and reads like something Gwyneth Paltrow would have written if she were in charge of the Games instead of Goop. “The goal of Olympism,” the charter reads, “is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.” OK, forget about all that high-minded stuff. The International Olympic Committee and their Chinese handlers abandoned any such appeals not long after the bid was awarded in 2015. Forget about all the human-rights abuses in the host nation since then, too.

The United States has thus announced a " Diplomatic Boycott " of the Beijing Olympics, that is, they will not, in any case not officially, of diplomatic representatives at the event. Washington convinced several Western allies to do the same.

"The absolute priority: that the United States stops disrupting the Olympics"

" the top priority at the moment is that the United States ceases to disrupt the Beijing Winter Olympics," said Thursday Wang Yi in Antony Blinken, according to a statement from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Chinese manager also called Washington to " stop playing with the light " on the question of Taiwan or " create all kinds of small factions to oppose China ".

China has a bad eye on strengthening links between the United States and Taiwan. Chinese aircraft have multiplied the air incursions in the island's defense identification area in recent months. US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida committed last week to counter Beijing's ambitions in Asia-Pacific.

The tenant of the White House should also go to Japan at the end of the spring, a visit that will be the occasion of a summit of "quad" - an alliance that brings together Australia, India, Japan and the United States And do not hide his desire to counter China. NATO, in concentrated theory on the defense of Europe, also expressed its desire to consider China as a new priority.

Vancouver activists urge Canadians to boycott Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics .
Dozens of activists gathered in downtown Vancouver on Saturday afternoon to declare they will not be watching the upcoming Winter Olympic games in Beijing, and are encouraging other Canadians to do the same. The rally was organized by Vancouverites Concerned About Hong Kong (VanCAHK) and Vancouver Society In Support of Democratic Movement (VSSDM). Both organizations say they're protesting the games because of ongoing conflicts in Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang. "Not watching the games is telling the Chinese government that it has done a lot of abuse to human rights," said VSSDM representative Mabel Tung.

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