Weekend Reads: GZSZ: Felix von Jascheroff got sick after shooting with Chryssanthi Kavazi

‘I am a fraudster, they are on the trail!’ These stars suffer from the imposter syndrome

 ‘I am a fraudster, they are on the trail!’ These stars suffer from the imposter syndrome on the national holiday are all the views of the Belgian royals. King Philippe (62), Queen Mathilde (49) and the four children of the couple celebrate with the people, wave to the citizens and are proud of the history of the historical country. But the actual stars of the day are neither the queen herself. It is much more likely to be two power women who are currently not playing in the first team of the Royals.

for an incredible 21 years Felix von Jascheroff has been with " good times, bad times ". No wonder that his figure John Bachmann had to live through some ups and downs in the long time. In the GZSZ podcast, it becomes clear that the filming demands a lot. He now revealed for the first time which scene Felix von Jascheroff had to struggle with.

GZSZ Laura und John © Rolf / Rolf Baumgartner GZSZ Laura and John

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It is a situation in which John Bachmann drives himself up with painkillers, places in a full bathtub and threatens to drown. A recording that had it all, the actor explains: "There is no normal water flow here in the studio". Although the water was heated in a boiler, it quickly cooled down: "Because of relaxation in the bathtub - nothing there".

further he explains: "If we turn here, so I do it, then I will stay in there too sit until the scene is over. And such a scene can take up to half an hour, if not even longer ”. This action was not likely to his body, because Felix "got nice and sick" shortly afterwards. He completed the scene with Chryssanthi Kavazi. *Affiliate Link

Arrest made in shooting that killed 6, injured 30 at Chicago-area Fourth of July parade .
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