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‘I am a fraudster, they are on the trail!’ These stars suffer from the imposter syndrome

 ‘I am a fraudster, they are on the trail!’ These stars suffer from the imposter syndrome on the national holiday are all the views of the Belgian royals. King Philippe (62), Queen Mathilde (49) and the four children of the couple celebrate with the people, wave to the citizens and are proud of the history of the historical country. But the actual stars of the day are neither the queen herself. It is much more likely to be two power women who are currently not playing in the first team of the Royals.

"Bergdoktor" Hans Sigl is here. Also Markus Lanz, Karl Lauterbach and Verona Pooth. Carsten Maschmeyer, Dieter Bohlen and many more. The celebrities are recovering on the site of a self -optimization institute called "Schloss Goldbach". The offer includes meditation, music therapy, rounds of discussion or wellness. This is the idea of ​​the new sketch comedy series "Goldbach Castle-Celebrities much too close". The celebrities are played by actors like Marti Fischer, Katrin Ingendoh or Luisa Wietzorek. They all parody the prominent quite aptly, but it doesn't really make it really funny.

Schloss Goldbach © SAT.1 / Willi Weber Schloss Goldbach "Schloss Goldbach": Sat.1 parodies like Hans Sigl

"Bergdoktor" Sigl is in sound therapy. Each sound reminds him of an accident from one of his films. Sometimes someone is impaled and sometimes the carabiner loosens from the rope and the friend falls from the north wall. Later Sigl explains how to make the perfect tracheal cut with a Swiss pocket knife - with a saw, scissors or cork pullers. Shortly thereafter, he hits the corkscrew in his own neck and explains that you now have to put a macaroni through the hole for the air supply. Or do we take Claudia Obert. She always stamps drunk with a glass of champagne and is amazed at a random meeting with Karl Lauterbach in the "Goldbach Castle": "Lick me at the ass. This is just a phrase. I don't do that on the first date."

The most spectacular celebrity processes of all times

 The most spectacular celebrity processes of all times © Juaro Getty Images, Jacopo Raule/GC Images Felipe of Spain: Career plans for his niece provide the vertebrae Victoria Federica de Marichalar y de Borbón , although it is only 21 years old, Already really successful as an influencer. Now the niece of King Felipe from Spain (54) has taken another step to increase its level of awareness. your browser does not support this video in the Spanish magazine "Hola" she can be seen in a casual ice blue three -part high.

Markus Lanz with Karl Lauterbach "In Love"

In general, Minister of Health Lauterbach is often in the picture. In the section "Markus Lanz with Karl Lauterbach" in Love "the gagmiters have fun that Karl Lauterbach has already been a guest at Lanz 2000 times. Maybe what is going on? Lauterbach suddenly stands in Lanz's changing room. Lanz asks: "Are you coming to me afterwards?" Lauterbach replies: "We are doing forbidden experiments." "No", counters Lanz, "I cook!" Verona Pooth, meanwhile, enters a confessional and wants to know from the confessor whether there are also strict monastery in which you shouldn't have sex. Verona explains: "I'm looking for something for Franjo."

jokes about the audience of the "ZDF TV"

The makers have also come up with a special section. In it, the celebrities can be cast for a "crime scene". When Evelyn Burdecki a man She sees lying on the floor, asks: "Why is the man sleeping?" The CastingCrew replies: "This is a body," says Burdecki: "Oh, why does the body sleep?" Moderator Andrea Kiewel solves the casting task with the words : "I know my way around. I've been moderating for years. "A fairly tasteless zote against the audience of the" ZDF television garden ". And" Bergdoktor "Hans Sigl wants to know why the body has not been reanimated. The man has been dead for five days but Sigl has been complaining : "It is never too late for a professional resuscitation."

actors, who always die in films

 actors, who always die in films , hurries the call as a "coolest queen in Europe" - and that she has justified this picture, Queen Margrethe from Denmark (82) has once again proven. Just in time for the midsummer, the monarch invited Graasten Castle and a large part of the relationship came together. Of course, the regent personally welcomed her guests. But the paths in the castle are long, the floor uneven. The long distances run? Very exhausting for Margrethe with a proud 82 years.

Sat.1-show "Schloss Goldbach": flat jokes, good parodies

similarly flat comedy comes into play when an illustrated one has announced itself from the Maschmeyer family and the host Carsten The eyes of wife Veronica should do as if he knows himself in the kitchen. When he is supposed to open the dishwasher, he travels the fridge first, then the oven, before finally finding the dishwasher Is, he says: "Treasure, the dishwasher is full. We need a new one. "The way of sometimes badly wanted antas tear is just reminiscent of spitting image with real actors. Some of them parody the originals. : Sat.1 puts couples on the rehearsal-and the spectators with

"Sat.1 breakfast television" presenter Marlene Lufen: She is freshly in love

"ZDF television garden": Andrea Kiewel stirs a meatball from guest

drama in Thailand: a fire in a nightclub made at least 13 dead .
at least 13 people died in Thailand in the fire of a nightclub near the tourist town of Pattaya (East) in the night From Thursday to Friday, one of the deadliest claims since 2009. © Reuters/Tanat Chayaphattharitthee at least 13 people died in Thailand in the fire of a nightclub near the tourist town of Pattaya (East) in The night from Thursday to Friday, one of the deadliest claims since 2009.

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