Weekend Reads: Iran: owning a pet could be prohibited by law

Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi will have to spend six years in prison

 Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi will have to spend six years in prison © Behrouz Mehri Jafar Panahi in Tehran, in 2006. arrested last week in Tehran, Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi, 62, certainly the most known and awarded international - golden lion in 2000 in Venice for Le Cercle, Prix du Scénario in Cannes in 2018 with Three faces, Three years after the gold bear in Berlin for Taxi Tehran -According to the law spokesman, Massoud Sétayechi, to purge the sentence of six years in a verdict against him in 2010.

Posséder un animal de compagnie est désormais considéré comme un symbole d'occidentalisation en Iran (illustration). LP/Ph. de Poulpiquet. © Philippe de Poulpiquet owning a pet is now considered as a westernization symbol in Iran (illustration). LP/PH. of Poulpiquet. Pet owners in Iran are now gray. A bill is currently being studied to prohibit Iranians from having dog, cat or any other domestic animal. The BBC, which evokes this Bill , reports that these are now considered a symbol of "Westernization" and must be fought. It has been more than ten years that such a law has been regularly handed over on the table since "that a group of deputies has tried to pass a law prohibiting dogs," explained Dr. Payam Mohebi, the president of The association of Iranian veterinarians. "The text planned to give the dogs collected to zoos or to abandon them in the desert," even specifies the doctor. Bringing a dog is now a crime The Tehran police recently announced that walking your dog in public spaces is now a crime. According to the authorities, this ban is motivated by "public protection". If for the moment no solid text is enabling the possession of animals, the police have already arrested people who were walking their dog or transported it to their car. In detail, the law to protect the rights of people in the face of animals, examined by deputies, will prohibit "import, purchase, sale, transport and possession of domestic animals, such as cats, rabbits And even turtles. If the law is voted, any offender could be inflicted a fine of 790 euros and it would be necessary to have a license to keep an animal at home. Being surrounded by dogs has always been a common practice in the Iranian provinces, notes the BBC, and the country was one of the first in the region to vote and apply laws to protect animal welfare. But the pet has become the symbol of a "westernization" of the population and the Islamic revolution of 1979 presented the religious at the center of the life of the Iranians. In Islam, the BBC reports that animals are considered unclean, which partly motivates legislators to act today.

Gaza: The EU and Russia "worried", Iran with the Palestinians .
© Ashraf Amra A ball of fire broke out following an Israeli air strike on a building in the city of Gaza, 6 August 2022. The extreme tension in the Gaza strip pushes the international community to react. This is the worst confrontation between the Hebrew State and the armed organizations of Gaza since the May 2021 war which had made 260 days in the Palestinian side in eleven days, among which fighters, and 14 dead in Israel, including a soldier , according to local authorities.

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